Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Equestrian Bookshelf

I am slowly building my equestrian bookshelf and I'm proud of what I've got so far!

My horse books plus some others...

Currently on my shelf are:
Tug of War: Classical versus "Modern" Dressage by Dr. Gerd Heuschmann
Feet First- Barefoot Performance and Hoof Rehabilitation by Nic Barker & Sarah Braithwaite
101 Jumping Exercises by Linda Allen
Horse Training In-Hand by Ellen Schuthof-Lesmeister & Kip Mistral
Equine Fitness by Jec Aristotle Ballou
Hunter Seat Equitation by George Morris
Horse Tack Bible by Carolyn Henderson
Horse Journal - a guide to equine supplements and neutraceuticals by Dr. Eleanor M Kellon

I'm sure I have a few other books floating around my room, but I can't find them right now. My room is just a little bit messy... Ok, more than a bit, but I digress. I'm always looking to add new books so, what are your favorite training/health books? I especially am looking for books on dressage theory or exercises and books about horses that are more technical since my knowledge is starting to expand and I want to learn even more!


  1. Go out immediately and buy "My Horses, My Teachers" by Alois Podhajsky. No dressage enthusiast's book shelf is complete without that one.

  2. Dressage 101 by Jane Savoie. So easy to understand!

  3. I'm a book junkie when it comes to riding/horse books. Some of my favorites are:
    Any book by Mary Wanless, though I especially love her Masterclass books because they have lots of great pictures. I can't read these in one sitting because she blows my mind every time so I read it in little bits.
    Centered Riding by Sally Swift
    Horses Never Lie by Mark Rashid
    Horse Sense by Henry Blake (super old fashioned by hilarious)
    I also have all the Pony Club manuals and I love them for their thorough way of working up through the levels.
    I own about thirty other books, but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head!