Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tack Sale Love

I love tack sales. It doesn't matter if I buy anything or not, I just love being there, looking through stuff and seeing all the horsey people I know. But who am I kidding, I've never not bought anything at a tack sale!

I ended up taking a small collection of my things for sale, but unfortunately I only sold two of my own things :( I sold a friend's fancy dressage saddle for her, which I was surprised about. It was worth a lot so of course now I am wishing that I had asked for a commission! Oh well. I was really hoping to sell my saddle, but no one was interested. I wasn't that surprised though, since there were a lot of cheap-y english saddles at the sale.

Interesting note, when I had been looking to buy a used dressage saddle, I had the hardest time finding a nice one in my price range. I ended up finally getting my Duett for $800 at a tack sale. Today however, there were three other dressage saddles, besides the one I was selling, that I totally would have bought if they had been for sale when I needed one!

Anyways, the sale was a little bit smaller than in the past. It's a fundraiser for the horse 4-H'ers. It started out in a smallish room in the Extension Center then migrated to the County Event Center and now takes place in a large arena. I think the amount of people who came was lower as well, though it still ended up being a great fundraiser for 4-H since they charge $2 to get in as well as rent out the booth spaces.

I ended up finding a blankie for Jetta. I was really set on getting her a high neck turnout since I've always wanted one, but I didn't want to spend over $100. Smartpak had one, but I waited too long and all the medium weights got sold out. I didn't find a high neck, but I did find a nearly brand-new Weatherbeeta Landa mid-weight turnout in a pretty purple plaid. And at a much better price ($40) than I had planned on dropping on a blanket originally ($70).

I was happy with that buy and decided that I did not find anything else that I needed. I usually make a small list of things that I'm allowed to buy before I go to a tack sale so that I stay on track :) I was hoping to find some hind splint boots for Jetta and a rope halter for Colton, but I didn't find any that I liked.

More typically seen in the US
Later I decided to go walk around a bit because I was bored and frozen. And of course I found something I just had to have. A serreta. The lady had two that she was selling for $40 each. A serreta is a Spanish/Portugese cavesson and I like them a lot more than the more typical lunging cavessons that most people use here in the US. If you've ever looked for a serreta, you'd know that they're really hard to find in the US and really expensive. Like at least $100 expensive.

Similar to what I got
So of course I had to buy it. Sigh. I really didn't want to buy it since I was not supposed to be spending money so I offered her $15 because I was pretty sure she wouldn't take it. She said the lowest she would go is $35. So I went for it. It'll be interesting to try it on Jetta and see what she thinks. It didn't come with a throatlatch or browband, though luckily (?!) I have an extra laying around that I'll put on it. I bought the one with three rings, like the one pictured, but she also had a one ring cavesson, the kind that's more for a presentation than for working. I'll do a post later with some actual pics of it and what it's used for and such.


  1. I'm jealous of your tack sales. A sale like that around here would consist entirely of dry rotted western crap.

    Not that I think all western tack is crap, but the stuff that comes to sales apparently is.

  2. Can you elaborate on the differences between cavessons and seretta's? I've never heard of the second one, and the blue nylon one in the picture is very much like my leather cavesson...curious and google isn't explaining it to me!!
    P.S. Lovely tack sale finds! Too bad on your saddle though.

  3. Seretta's kinda scare me, if you can use one tactfully more power to you. You did remind that I have a nice lunging cavesson hidden away that I could be using for Coriander's winter in-hand work. I'll have to dig that out...