Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So. Bored.

Ugh. I so want to ride! Actually what I really want to do is to go for a gallop or go jumping. So bad!

I worked today so I didn't get the chance to go see The Brat today, but I definitely will tomorrow.

Instead I am attempting to find something to occupy myself with. I have already gathered every possible piece of tack I can bear to part with and have cleaned every single piece. Now I'm looking for more to do. I wish I had more tack I could sell, lol.

Instead, Colton has been my focus :) He got groomed and completely braided this morning. Poor guy, he looks so girly now. If possible, the braids make him look even fatter! His tail took me ages and ages to do. It is so ridiculously thick, even thicker than Katy's tail. Of course it is white, or rather it should be white, it's more of a flaxen color right now. It really needs a good washing, so maybe this weekend I'll go borrow my neighbor's washrack.

It was great - while I was untangling his tail, I kept pulling out little pieces of moss, grass, flowers and twigs. I think Colton was trying to start a garden or something!

I really could hack off half of his tail and it wouldn't even be noticeable. Sigh. Now what is next? Stalls are cleaned, horses are fed and groomed. Ugh - bored.


After. Ridiculousness.

Fatty McFatFat


  1. Wow, that is some tail. You are much more patient than I!

  2. Holy tail!! I see $$$ that u could hack it part of it off and sell it, lol!

  3. Haha, I know! As I was brushing it out I was thinking that I could harvest from his tail every couple months and make some money from it!