Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have decided that this week Jetta is grounded. Or rather I am grounded. While I would love, love, love to ride, I just have no desire to try and ride a horse that's going to attempt to buck me off despite my best efforts to prevent it or teach her that bucking's not ok. Sigh. So this week we are taking a slight break and doing ground work. Lots of it.

Today I long lined her for the first time since over the summer and she was super good. I warmed her up on the lunge line so she could get the bucks out and had her hop over some barrels. Silly horse - she won't jump barrels when they are off the wall, she'll just go around it. She has no problem however with a cavaletti or other jump that is not on the wall. When I put the barrels on the wall, it's no biggie. Silly pony.

I'm also teaching her a new "trick". It's more of a command, not really a trick, but I'm pleased with how quickly she's learning it. I'm teaching her to "side up" to the mounting block so that when I get on the mounting block and say "side up" she will scooch over so that I can get on. It's a very useful thing to be able to do, something that Jazz had down to a science. I teach her by tapping her on the hip that is opposite of me so that she moves away from the pressure, in my direction. Once she aces that with only a light tap, I'll introduce the voice command to "side up".

Other than that, not much other excitement. It'll be tough sticking to my plan of being grounded for the week, but I hope by next week Jetta may have forgotten about this whole bucking thing. If I could be so lucky :)


  1. I am so sorry you have going through this. I know how frustrating it has to be. But at least you are finding a good way to still work with her.

  2. Bucking sucks. My five year old has also decided that bucking is her new evasion. It started with bucking in response to the whip and the leg and culminated in yesterday's ride being the worst one yet. She wouldn't even walk. She just stopped and would kick out and buck in place. Ugh. My trainer ended up lunging her without me on and then putting me on and MAKING her go forward on the lunge. Green horses can be SO much fun some times....not! Hang in there!

  3. You've ruled out pain issues, right?

  4. Thanks Amy.
    Mona - wow, sounds like we've got the same exact thing going on! Nice to know I'm not alone :)
    Smazourek - as much as possible. The vet found no soreness and I buted her for 5 days w/ 2g per day (per vet's advice) with no change in behavior. I'm still going to have the chiropractor come out though.

  5. Failing that, do you have any cowboy type connections who will just ride through it? That generally will do the trick. Izzy never bucked much with me (yet anyways) but it was always very clear to her that bucking was the WRONG ANSWER.

    Rearing, though... lol.

    Good luck and stay safe. No sense getting hurt over something like this.

  6. SprinklerBandit - yeah, I've thought about that. But I would feel terrible if someone got hurt and I'm not sure I'm willing to let someone manhandle her. We'll see... Ugh.