Thursday, January 12, 2012

It Must be Love

I think Jetta is in love. I went to get her out of the pasture yesterday, it was her first day outside. I felt like I was going to pick up my kid from kindergarten - I practically skipped the whole way. After navigating the different pastures and finally figuring out where the real gate was, which involved climbing over several fences, oops, I found my baby (easily spotted because of her bright purple blanket which has yet to be muddied). And she was snuggling with someone else.

Of course today I took out my nice new camera and I forgot that I had failed to charge it. So you'll have to make do with cell phone pictures.

Who me?

The cuteness ♥

I can see you...

So cute! There are three other horses in the pasture with her (I believe that they are all mares). There's a gray arab with the prettiest black-lined blue eyes. There's a solid buckskin and an overo buckskin. Jetta is in love with the overo. They are so adorable. They were standing nose to tail when I showed up.

Then when I put Jetta back in the pasture, after scampering away from the solid buckskin (who is obviously Da Boss), the overo and Jetta touched noses for a few seconds and then slowly walked away together. So glad my baby girl has a friend! I was actually afraid that Jetta would be a little monster and beat up all the other horses, but it seems like the solid buckskin has the upper hand!

Yesterday when I got her from the pasture I thought to myself - I'm so glad I have a horse that comes when I call (because it's pretty mucky around the gate). Then today I whistled. Nada. I clucked. She looked at me and slowly walked away. Stinker. But it was ok because we had an AWESOME (sorry I just felt that it needed bold and italics and underlined and capitals) ride!!! So happy right now.


  1. Yay for getting your horse "back"!!!

  2. Hi from Italy!
    I love the first pictures!
    keep in touch:

    see you soon =)

  3. Don't take it personally, she just got a new friend and is in the honeymoon stage. She might come back to you in a few weeks.