Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Days

Well our winter weather here has finally arrived. It has felt more like spring lately, with crisp sunny days and no rain. That is pretty much unheard of in my area - usually it rains every single day for the whole entire winter season. Either that or its cloudy and gray out. I've been enjoying the sun :)

The last two days though it has beeen snowing! I love the snow. It usually only snows once every winter and usually just a couple inches. We didn't have class yesterday because of the holiday, and unfortunately that was when most of our snow was. I had my fingers crossed that it would snow enough for school to be cancelled today, but no such luck. It's just slushing out right now. We did get a delay though which was nice.

Anyways, I took some pretty pictures of the snow. By the time I had made it out to the barn, there was very little snow and most of it had turned gray-ish/brown, lol. So no pictures of Jetta in the snow.


  1. Pretty. I'll probably have a matching set tomorrow, lol.

  2. Beautiful photos :)!! It makes me feel cold just looking at these pics.

  3. Love the pics. But boourns to no snowday!

  4. Too bad you didn't get a snow day. it has been miserably cold here, with highs of -25C (-13 F) and evening temperatures of -40C (-40 F) with the wind chill!