Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The Ultimate Update

I feel like all I ever do anymore is write update posts. Also, I'm pretty sure that this is the longest I've ever gone without blogging. I just simply got too overwhelmed/busy to write about anything. The horses have definitely taken a back burner unfortunately, which was pretty unavoidable, but still a bummer.

I basically went through my phone's camera roll to see what happened in the several months since I last posted, so here goes:

Jetta got new matchy bell boots that were on clearance. I love how ridiculously fluffy everything is:

 Maisie also got some new boots - some incredibly shiny rose gold dressage boots:

Jetta officially turned 13 on April 5th so I got her some fun colored carrots with the very scary tops on them, but unfortunately didn't get as good a reaction as the first time I gifted her with whole carrots:

I also bought Jetta a pretty black Mattes pad to complete our all-black outfit:

Jetta also got the present of a grazing muzzle this year...

She is not amused... also I put this on wrong, but I fixed it eventually
This pasture is amazing... just a little too much

My chunky hippo horse
Jetta got to go to school with me for our equine dental course. I also got to weigh her on the real scale and she weighed in at a perfectly round 1200 pounds. Oof. I really do enjoy doing dentals and after an intensive week of doing dentals all day, every day I feel more than prepared to do them on actual client horses!

She had a bit of a wave mouth - I definitely need to work on my photo skills!

So cute and drunk

Patch, my first ever project horse, came up for sale again.  This probably deserves its own post, but who knows if I'll ever get around to that. Basically, after training Patch and selling her, I lost contact with her owners and they ended up abandoning her at a boarding barn. She was sold to recoup board cost and I was contacted by her new owner. This lady was in love with Patch and said she'd never sell her - I even went and visited her. She was now called Scribbles. Years pass and then I randomly saw her for sale on Facebook from a new owner so I messaged him, provided all my old pictures of her, and asked to be given the contact info for whoever bought her. I have no idea what happened between the last lady that owned her and the current owners who had owned her for several years and seemed to have done a wonderful job exposing her to literally everything. Long story short, they told me someone in Utah was purchasing her and they gave the new owners my contact info. A few weeks later, I get a facebook message from a local lady who used to work in the lab at the vet school and she had purchased Scribbles (Patch) and was hoping to give her a forever home. What a rollercoaster ride. I really hope this poor horse has her forever home because she has changed hands so many times and she really is a great horse that deserves a forever home. I really wanted to buy her back as a babysitter/friend horse but I just didn't have the funds.

She's very adorable
 One of my favorite local shows happened, but I hadn't really been riding Jetta all that much so I decided not to enter. I did trailer my friend's horse over and decided it would be a great field trip for Maisie - she was pretty good! I was very proud of her hauling skills - she loaded and unloaded 4 times in the course of one day since Dundee is so big and needed to be in the first slant spot, but he had to get dropped off first.

Acting like a big girl!

Trailer manners 100% installed

Leading manners were however not fully installed. I made the mistake of putting her big girl halter on her because I thought it fit finally (it doesn't) instead of her rope halter and she apparently did not remember our discussions about personal space and proceeded to run me over. Twice. Luckily my friend had a stud chain so she was introduced to that and we had no more incidences.

She does however stand fairly well for bathing now (grudgingly)

Yes, you should bite the tree when you're mad about life
And lastly, I got to see Trask at a recognized show! He was ridden by a trainer in first level and he did so well! He's matured a lot in the last couple years and I thought his test was very nice. Still some baby bobbles outside of the show ring, but I'm so proud of him! Kinda makes me miss the little guy.

 It's been a busy few months! Especially with vet school, graduation, new job, etc. More to come (hopefully soon-ish) on that!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Wave Wednesday

It's been a while (a really, really long while), but a full update will be coming soon! More importantly - I finally got to go for a beach ride! It's been almost five years since my last ride. 

Jetta's been to the beach a total of about 5 times, but I was still not sure if she'd remember the beach and be ok with everything. It ended up being the perfect day and both horses were great! Such a perfect way to celebrate finishing up vet school with a fellow student <3


Bay mares rock!

Pictures of me taking pictures of my horse lol - equitation be damned!

My fav picture
This was going to be semi-"wordless Wednesday" but this is too funny of a story. We crested the dunes to the beach access point and there was a horde of children on an apparent school field trip. They were all screaming and running around and throwing pieces of driftwood - the horses were TERRIFIED. We finally convinced them to walk through the group since they left us no option other than to go directly through the children, and as soon as the kids all saw us they started singing "Old Town Road" at the top of their lungs. What a weird experience...