Equestrian Bucket List

Here's a list of horse related goals that I hope to be checking off soon!
  • Compete in a long format event
  • Compete at Training level in eventing
  • Compete up to Preliminary in eventing 
  • Compete at Second Level dressage
  • Compete at Third Level dressage
  • Earn a USDF bronze medal
  • Breed a horse for a foal that I will raise and eventually train
  • Breeze a thoroughbred on the racetrack
  • Try combined driving
  • Go foxhunting
  • Do a 50 mile endurance ride
  • Be a contender for best conditioned in an LD endurance ride
  • Ride bareback and bridleless on the beach
  • Win a cooler
  • Ride a finished reining horse
  • Buy a horse at an auction
  • Ride with a Big Name Trainer
  • Audit a clinic with George Morris

A lot more of this in our future!