Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cruel and Unusual

Today was a crummy day. It actually was a great day until about 20 minutes ago. Then my computer got another virus. This is the third virus I've gotten in two years, which is absolutely ridiculous - and it's not like I'm file sharing or trying to watch "free" movies. Unfortunately, the third time might be the charm - this might be the time when the virus finally overcomes and ruins my hard drive.

This absolutely sucks. Luckily the university has an awesome computer help program so first thing tomorrow I'm going to take my computer there.

What I can't comprehend is why someone would be so cruel to make a virus. Do they not realize how much people have tied into their computers today? How can someone think that's ok? I just can't wrap my brain around it, because in my world, people should be, or at least try to be, NICE. In this case it seems like the virus is trying to get me to buy an anti-virus program that will "fix" the problem. I've never been tempted to actually buy the stupid program, but I can imagine people desperate to recover all their work doing it. I feel like this is what those terrible, virus-making people are thinking if you do: "Hahaha, you fell for it! Well, thank you for the 60 bucks you just gave me, but I still can't bring back all your files. Sorry(not)!" It's a good thing I picked up some ice cream at the store today...

Other than that, things have been... Interesting. Ever since its snowed, its been raining buckets and buckets making up for all the sunshine we've had. So much so that the roads are flooded and several have detours around the flooded parts. Needless to say, walking to class sucks. But that is why I love my umbrella. Everyone is joking that they need to be canoeing to class, but that's not actually that far out...

Someone's pasture... Now a lake.
The road river. Don't worry, I'm at a stop, debating whether or not to risk my little car!
I also got a name plate for my saddle and bridle as a belated Christmas present (thanks ML!) that I love and finally got on my tack. The saddle I ended up taking to a local tack shop. The guy who was working said that they don't normally do that (though they sell nameplates...?) but he'd try and put it on, but like mine, all his screwdrivers were too big for the itty-bitty screws, so he ended up having to use his knife. But he got it on eventually and I didn't mind spending thirty minutes waiting and talking to him because he was so cute! And very nice :) I may have to think up another reason to go back in for something...

Jetta has also been good. I was relieved when I pulled up to the barn yesterday to find her in her stall so I didn't have to trek out in the mud and rain to get her. Today it was so flooded that all three roads to the barn are closed so I didn't get to see the ponyface today :(

Well, keep fingers crossed they can fix my computer! Hopefully without me having to buy another hard drive. Otherwise posts will be very sparse as my thumbs are killing me typing this whole post on my phone!


  1. WOW! That's a lot of water.
    I hope your computer can be fixed in no time at all.

  2. Computer viruses DO suck, and often you don't even have to do anything "wrong" to get one. I work in IT and I ended up on a site (that I often visit for work) that had been hacked - volia, virus city! I think the people that make viruses should be strung up by their thumbs or something.

    Fingers crossed they can fix it easily... and that you don't need floaties to get to class!