Thursday, March 17, 2016


Since I didn't get any upload-able video or pictures riding Misty from the show, I took some "screenshots". Can't wait till we can look back at these and see how much she's improved since!

Our "wild" canter transition at the spooky end of the arena

That hind leg though (and that awful yellow stain, ugh)

Gah, how is she so cute

Lengthened trot

Wheee... our "bold" canter lengthening

Lengthening the trot
Can't wait to keep developing her lengthened trot! She's definitely got the idea behind it, just needs more polish!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dream Come True

Sunshine and palm trees!
Ok, well maybe calling it a "dream" is a little much, but I've ALWAYS wanted to go to a Dover store. There are none near me and when I was in San Diego over the weekend, it was the closest I've ever been. So my wonderful mother and I drove an hour to the Dover store. I was so excited! Talk about tack heaven.

I ended up mostly restraining myself (though I spent quite a bit of time drooling over a Dy'on Anatomic bridle and the saddle pads) and ended up buying a new pair of schooling gloves in my favorite color from Noble Equine, some Peddie socks and a hoof pick/bottle opener for some friends. So basically all Noble Equine purchases!

So many wants
Then my (again, awesome) mom bought me an Ariat sun shirt. I love it! I had a really hard time deciding between navy and turquoise, but eventually decided on the navy. I love that they were a good price, the material seems super light weight and the fit was really nice. I wish they had some Kastel's to compare to since I've always heard how nice those are!

Overall it was a fun day and I spent way too long just walking around in circles and looking at everything at least a couple times. Oh, and trying on the $300 breeches was pretty entertaining (and dangerous!)

Saddles, and clothes, and C4 belts...