The Herd

A little bit about all of my horses.

Current Horses:

Gold Jet Away - aka Jetta or 'the Dork'

The "star" of this show, Jetta was bought from a Thoroughbred racing barn in 2009. She came to me with very poor ground manners, no saddle training, no name and terrible feet. At two and a half, she had never had her feet handled, meaning that they'd never been trimmed. Let me tell you that teaching her to have her feet handled was so much fun. Not. I had bought and resold a horse once before and with the money I made on that horse I bought Jetta. I decided to keep Jetta instead of reselling her since Jazz was getting up there in years and I wanted a horse that could do eventing with. We're still working on that!

Merely Gold - aka Maisie, baby, nugget

Maisie was born 7/27/17 - out of Gold Jet Away (Jetta) by Mirabeau. She is my first homebred and my dream baby! I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of breeding and watching her grow and I can't wait to see what we accomplish someday!

Past Horses:

Mistaken - aka Misty, Misty-Moo or the roany paint pony

I just bought Misty May of 2013 as kind of an impulse project and sold her in the summer of 2016. She was owned by my barn owner for a short period of time then sold to another woman, from whom I bought her. She was a fantastic all-around horse from cattle sorting to dressage to eventing. I miss her dearly, but she is being spoiled to death now as a trail/dressage horse in California!



Don't even get me started on what "Wyeast" means. I have no clue. But anyways, Grady is my favoritest old man. He was my first horse and, like most little girls, my first love. I got him when he was 16. He was probably one of the worst first horses you could probably get and I've been bucked off of him more times than I can count. If that one saying is true, that in order to be a real rider you have to fall off at least 7 times, then I more than qualify! But he turned into the best horse that I could ask for. He was a little bit of a one person kind of guy, I don't think I could ever have sold him if I wanted to! He tried his hardest for me though and I loved him for it.

Dustin's Dynasty - aka Jasmine or Jazz. 1991-2016
My family originally bought Jazz so that my mom and brother could ride with me. Ha. She turned into my show horse because she was more suited to it than Grady was and eventually became solely my horse. I think my mom has ridden her once, lol. Jazz is my go-to horse for literally everything. We have done team penning and sorting, western and english pleasure, cowboy races, dressage, cross country, jumping, showmanship, reining, barrel racing, pole bending and anything else that strikes my fancy. Poor Jazz puts up with it all and does it well. I had Jazz for about 10 years and she is seriously a once-in-a-lifetime horse. I sold her September 2013 to a young girl who wants to do 4-H with her, she was euthanized in 2016 due to bone cancer.

Scribbles Apache Rose - aka Apache or Patch

Patch was my very first project horse that I trained from start to finish when I was 13. My trainer went through all of the steps of starting a horse with me and I eventually sold her in 2008. Unfortunately, I lost contact with her owners after they moved, and she wound up being abandoned and neglected. Luckily, she has a new owner who takes excellent care of her now and Patch is so lucky to have been found by her.

Hey There Delilah - aka Katelyn or Katy

My aunt has a draft driving business (for weddings and parades) and decided that she wanted a matched pair of Gypsy crosses. For some reason or other, that plan never came true because she decided to give Katy to me. Katy was halter broke and had limited ground work when she came to me (but at least she knew how to load in a trailer and pick her feet up!) and has progressed to being a solid citizen today. She is such a lovely horse and I've really enjoyed training her. She has the absolute sweetest personality that you'll ever find in a horse and tries super hard. She found a great home in August of 2011 with a younger girl who will be using her as a 4-H/everything horse and I know she'll be spoiled to death!


Queen's Talisman - aka Tuxedo or The Beast, previously known as Colton

My most recent project and a huge hunk of a horse! He is a full sibling to Katy (above) and I really enjoyed training him. He had a can-do, try hard attitude and will make a fancy dressage horse despite his draftiness :) He has the sweetest personality of any horse, which I think must be true of the Gypsy Vanner breed.

He found a new home in February of 2013 with an older woman getting back into riding and I know he found a great home!

Queenie - aka Queenie-monster

Queenie is Tux and Katy's mom. She's a 2002 PMU Clydesdale cross and such a sweet girl. I got her as a short term project to sell. She had already had two months under saddle training and I put an additional three months on her and found her a great home in May of 2013 where she'll be loved on forever and be used to her potential on the trails.