Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Relatively Successful

So after my weeklong ban rest from riding, I've been itching to get back on and have my nice dressage horse back! But I knew that was unlikely so yesterday I dragged ML out to the barn to lunge me on Jetta. Very, very good idea. Jetta would get "stuck" where I would put my leg on and she would cow kick at it and ML would come in and get her going forward again. Lots of praises for nice work and by the end I could walk Jetta with contact and leg pressure without being flung out of the saddle. I would call that a success :) I did the same thing again today and we only had a couple resistances, including one four-legged leap into the air. What fun. But I stayed on and ML was able to unclip the lunge line and I walk, trot, cantered around the ring with only minor sassy, pinned ears. Much better.

Most people have thought it's a behavioural issue, which I couldn't completely agree with because it was so incredibly sudden, but I've had a sort of epiphany. It wasn't sudden. Actually, she had been acting out on the ground, though not in the saddle, so I thought nothing of it. But she was refusing to be led occasionally (the "You Can't Make Me Move") and started refusing to lunge. I eventually got it mostly sorted out, but that's also when the bucking started. Aha. So she really has been testing me this whole time.

I still haven't ruled out pain quite yet. While the bute should have done it, she still could be "out" somewhere causing discomfort, if not pain. I also should probably have her teeth done again, though the vet said he didn't think it was that and she still bucks when I ride her in the sidepull. I was really glad that ML came out with me, since she hadn't seen Jetta acting out, though I've been complaining to her about it this whole time. Nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. She also thought it might be pain related and recommended that I bring her with me to a Karen O'Neal lesson and have her evaluate her because she has a lot of experience and then if she thinks it's behavioural, maybe have her get on because that woman has legs and abs of steel! And a velcro butt. So if anyone could sort it out, she would probably be a good bet.

See the white blob on my hood? That's Sugar, a barn kitty,
my favoritest kit-cat in the world! (besides my own of course)
After some snuggles, I had to set her on the ground and sprint
to my car before she could get in the car with me :)

Also - in my state they send out little plaques if you ride in at least two League show classes and get a 60% or above. I was a little bummed since I've gotten one every year with Jazz and I thought that this would be the first year that I didn't get one, since I only went to one show. But the final copy went out and I'm getting a plaque! Whoo! I went to one show and had a terrible couple of rides, yet still managed to score in the mid-60's. Think of what we could do if Jetta actually behaved??

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  1. I'm glad you seem to be getting things sorted out with Jetta.

    And congrats on the plaque! I love prizes!