Monday, January 2, 2012

Boarding Barn #3

I got to go look at the third barn on my list. It sounded very nice on the craigslist ad and while I loved the second barn I looked at, I wanted to make sure to look at all available options just in case I found something I liked better.

The barn is farther away then the other two barns. My current barn is 15 minutes from my apartment on campus, while the barn option #1 is also 15 minutes and barn #2 is 20 minutes away. This barn was 30 minutes away, but I wouldn't mind the drive if the barn was worth it. It was absolutely lovely out where this barn was. Gravel roads to the barn so it's out in the middle of nowhere - very quiet and oh-so-gorgeous. The barn is virtually right by the river. I fell in love with the barn as soon as I got there.

The barn used to be a Morgan breeding and training barn, it was built in the 70's which shows. It has an indoor arena, outdoor arena and covered round pen. The outdoor is just grass so it's only suitable to ride when it's dry out. There are nine turnouts that are very large, at least an acre each. But they are also only used when it's dry out.

All of the horses there now are quarter horses and everyone does reining or working cow horse. There are two trainers there currently and possibly one more to come. There are acres and acres of trails, even some that are maintained, and you can even ride down to the river.

There are apartments on the top of the barn where the stall cleaner lives. He cleans stalls twice a day. Horses are fed twice a day and stalls range from 12 x 12 to 12 x 24 to 12 x 36. There is no trailer parking unfortunately.

Indoor and outdoor and covered round pen
Lots and lots of trails
Large stalls
Stalls cleaned twice a day
At least some turnout
They will hold for vet and farrier appointments
Blanketing and unblanketing
Automatic waterers
Grooming stall and hot water wash rack
Lounge with tv, microwave, fridge and full bathroom

No trailer parking
No turnout in winter
Not a fan of one of the trainers - I've seen her ride and do not like her one bit
Low ceiling in the indoor arena as well as strange layout - stalls open directly to arena
Very small tack room
Chain link on stall fronts, holes in stall mats and walls (very old!)

Because of those cons, this barn is a definite no. I did really like it, as in, if I was in a position to buy it and it was for sale, I totally would. It's a very neat place, with a beautiful location and the owner was super nice. It does need a bit of fixing up, which is what the new owner is doing (they've owned it since April) but it's just not exactly what I'm looking for in a boarding barn. I specifically need winter turnout which is the major deal breaker. Not to mention that I have to have trailer parking because I definitely can't park it the parking lot at my apartment!

Adorable covered bridge on the
way to the barn I saw today.

So... barn #2 it is! I still have to work out the details with the owner, but I maybe be moving as soon as this weekend and I am SO EXCITED!!!

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