Friday, January 27, 2012


We all know that horses are more of an obsession than a hobby. But in terms of obsession, I may take it just a little bit farther sometimes... Case in point:

I love it when I can find things that come in "my" colors. My cross country colors that is. My absolutely favorite color is bright aqua blue. So here is a collection of all the things that I've have scoured perused the internet for that come in my color. Enjoy my craziness :)

You can already see I've gotten the blue pad and polo down :) We also have
a black rope halter with bright blue flecks and a black cooler with a turquoise binding...

Wahl Lister Star Clippers in turquoise

Dressage Bridle from ebay in aqua/green padding. Talk about bright!

How do I not own this brush already??

Pink Equine Interchange bridle with Atlantic Blue padding in brown leather
Cross country bridle anyone? Perfect :) I could even get a matching 5-point breastplate!!

Padding colors for Pink Equine tack.

Coolest thing EVER: Pink Equine Interchangeable (Half-)Chaps
The straps at the top are changeable!

All the chap strap colors. Drool...

County Sparkle Crop in light blue

Centaur Pastel Web lunge line in turquoise

Pink Equine crown piece in Atlantic Blue (left).
 I could make our leather show halter matchy-match too!

Turquoise duct tape. You know, the essential stuff.

 In case you haven't noticed, Pink Equine has just made itself my most favorite tack supplier because I can get things in my colors and everything matches! Tack whore's dream :)


  1. I am with you. My color is purple tho. Purple sleezy and show jacket, purple show shirt for under my jacket, and many purple saddle pads and halters (:

  2. OMG! I have a Pink Equine bridle and LOVE it. My color is red though. Red Pink equine bridle, red plaid pad, red polos, red EVERYTHING! I can understand the obsession. Take the plunge on the Pink Equine bridle...they're AMAZING! It's good to know there's someone else out there that isn't scared of a little color!

  3. Hi, new to your blog! I enjoyed reading your pages and I look forward to following you and all your horses.

    I love the matching aqua! I used to do it too even though matching loud colors is not quite as cool in jumpers as it is in eventing, haha.

  4. I love the matching colors! I have a purple saddle pad, and purple polos, and I'm about to have a purple and clear crystal blingy browband :) I only wish I could afford the Pink Equine stuff, lol.

  5. Haha love all the matching gear! I bet those bridles would look nice on the horse as just a bit of the colour would show through!

  6. Love that I'm not alone with my color-coordination :) my roomie thinks I'm a little crazy, but then again she's always done h/j. And she always buys me something to add to my collection anyways!

    Mare - good to hear that you like the Pink Equine bridle! I'd like to get one someday, but I'd hate to get it and not like it.