30 Day Challenge

Saw this one on L's blog, Viva Carlos:

30 Day Challenge- 2014 (currently in progress)

Day 1| Your first Horse Show?

Day 2| Your most exciting/intense moment at a show?

Day 3| Explain the division you show in and why.

Day 4| Create a fun jump course

Day 5| Your Show Team

Day 6| Make a wish-list of the top 10 tack/riding clothes/horsey items you would buy if you were given an unlimited budget.

Day 7| Five of your favorite flatwork exercises

Day 8| Your favorite horse magazine

Day 9| Show goals for 2015

Day 10| Five of your favorite jumping exercises (not courses).

Day 11| Your favorite tack shop?

Day 12| The biggest horse show you’ve ever competed in.

Day 13| Create an equitation test.

Day 14| If your career in the future had to relate to horses, what would it be

Day 15| Who would you apprentice under and why?

Day 16| Name, Age, Breed of your favorite show horse?

Day 17| Do you have a rival barn or rival competitor?

Day 18| How do you prepare for a horse show

Day 19| Name a division you would NEVER do, and why

Day 20| Your favorite picture of you at a horse show.

Day 21| Did you compete in IHSA when you were in college?

Day 22| Your favorite horse show

Day 23| Your complete show outfit.

Day 24| The ribbon you have the most of

Day 25| Your biggest horse show pet peeve.

Day 26| The highest you’ve jumped.

Day 27| The horse show association(s) you are a member of.

Day 28| The last show you competed in, and how you did.

Day 29| The division you hope to be doing in the next one, two, or three years

Day 30| How much has your riding progressed in the past 30 days and why?


Saw this one first over at Standardbred Excellence:

30 Day Challenge- 2011

1. A picture of you and your horse

2. A picture of your horse

3. A picture of your best riding

4. A horse that impacted your life 

5. The last time you rode your horse and what you did

6. Your most accomplished horse

7. Your best ribbon

8. A little about the barn/stable you are at

9. Any injuries you've gotten from riding

10. How does your family and friends feel about your riding?

11. Find a sale horse online that you want to buy

12. Favorite horse color

13. A picture of your worst riding

14. Your dream barn/farm

15. If you could say something to any one horse, what would you say?

16. Your most recent fall

17. Your equestrian idol

18. Your favorite horse show picture

19. A discipline you would like to try

20. Your favorite horse show

21. Your favorite schooling outfit

22. Describe the importance of riding in your life

23. First horse you rode

24. Your best riding buddy

25. Your dream trailer

26. Biggest riding pet peeve

27. You know you're an equestrian when....(list five things)

28. Helmet or no helmet?

29. Favorite brands...boots, breeches, tops, helmets, etc

30. Your future with horses