Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Travel Time

Won't have much to write about for the next couple of weeks as I'm in Italy! I've been here a week so far, one more week here than another week in Germany. I love it! Of course I miss the ponies, but they seem to be doing well based on all reports. Weird leaving them at this barn where I actually don't even know anyone that well. But they have my vet friend's number, who lives just down the road and my bf promised to visit them once a week for me. 

Of course I meant to post a nice little video I took of Misty right before I left, but then I deleted it accidentally in a sleepless haze. Bummer. I was planning on using that video for marketing her, as it was a bareback and, for half of it, a bridleless ride that went quite well after not riding her for an entire week. 

So you just get some pictures of poor neglected Jetta. She's still shedding, and looking quite homeless because of it, but before I left I gave her a good grooming, roached her mane again, trimmed her hooves and let her run around in the round pen. She's looking quite good right now minus the complete lack of muscle. I'm hoping now that my thesis is almost (almost!) so close to being completed, that I will FINALLY get to start riding her regularly again. I miss riding the stubborn brat! Good ponies sometimes get a little bit boring, sorry Misty. 

That's all I have to share for now. I'm hoping so have some kind of horsey content to write about when I get back. Currently plotting to find a tack shop of some sort, but we'll see. 

She's back to being at a good weight, I just wish she was muscled!

She can look kind of nice sometimes.

Gorgeous cathedral in Milan.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Selling Horses is a Pain

So frustrated lately with trying to get Misty sold. This is the second time I've had her sale pending, and the second time it has fallen through.

I've never had this much trouble selling a horse and Misty will be the sixth horse that I've sold, also the horse I've had listed for the longest as we are going on almost 10 months now.

This time, a high schooler came out to try her. They seemed like a really nice family, the girl was a competent rider and they seemed to really like Misty and were very impressed with her nice ground manners and how sweet she was. Misty was ok. We pulled out a jump and after not jumping in a month she was excited and a little sassy - she pinned her ears a few times and tossed her head. Not a big deal. She jumped nicely and showed off her flying changes, wasn't lazy, etc.

The next day they said they would like to take her on a trial and possibly buy her pending a vet check. They were planning on picking her up Wednesday or Thursday, but they had to show their trainer the video of her first.

Then this morning I got a text that their trainer didn't think that Misty was the right fit for this girl. I was so bummed and so frustrated. After the last time I thought that I almost had her sold, this time I kept my hopes very low. I still got bummed though.

I'm just frustrated. I have had only 5 people come to see Misty. I think she is reasonably priced. She is such an awesome horse, I know that she will be great for whoever buys her. She has fantastic manners, a great work ethic, she's safe, sweet, fun, she learns quickly, and she's adorable.

I'm just sort of at a loss. I'm ready to drop her price (yet again) and am finally considering leasing her out locally. It's just such a time drain to communicate to buyers via email/facebook/email, then make time to bathe Misty to make her presentable, then make time to have these people to come try her, then get my hopes up when they say that they want to buy her, only to have nothing follow through.

How could someone not want this adorable horse?

/end rant.

On a slightly happier note, I was contacted by Queenie's new owner not too long ago and got a much needed update on her. If you haven't followed for long or don't remember, Queenie was one of my aunt's horses. A Clydesdale cross, mother of Tux and Katy, two Gypsy Drum Horses I trained and sold for my aunt. Queenie was such a neat horse, she found the absolute perfect home (just like all of my horses I've sold have). Her new owner told me that she still was absolutely in love with Queenie, now named Emma. She bred her last week to a Gypsy Vanner to get another Gypsy Drum horse. She even sent me an absolutely gorgeous photo of Queenie who got included in her wedding photos! It made me so incredibly happy that I was able to give Queenie the skills to be such an awesome horse for this woman and so happy that she found this awesome home.

Such a pretty girl