Saturday, November 11, 2017

Home Sweet Home

I've been so bad about posting, third year is proving to be super busy, but also super fun. So far this term, I've practiced pregnancy palpations on cows, passed nasogastric tubes in horses, orogastric tubes in cattle, I had the opportunity to palpate a mare and ultrasound her ovaries, I've diagnosed pregnancy in sheep via ultrasound, spayed a cat and neutered a dog. It's exciting to actually start feeling like being a vet is in reach.

Anyways, the real exciting part is that my girls moved home!

My roommates bought a new house so I am going to rent the house that I currently live in from them. This means that I get to have Maisie grow up close to me. There's several little pastures and an outdoor arena even. I'm so excited!

I moved them up this past weekend. It definitely puts a bit of a drain on me having to feed and clean since school has been so busy, but I love having control over their care. And it's nice that if I just want to hang out or cuddle, they're just a few steps away.

Hopefully I can start working with Jetta a bit more to prepare her re-entrance to the riding horse world. She thinks this broodmare job is the best thing ever. You know it's bad when the baby is absolutely perfect for her second farrier visit and Jetta is very, very bad. 

I turned them out in the arena to run for a bit:

Their matching blazes <3



Maisie's leg seems to be almost all healed, so I've left off wrapping it. The skin is almost completely closed and there's just a little bump where the proud flesh got excited. Also, the girls both got new blankies and they look adorable:

Sun as a bug in a rug
 That's about it for my exciting new in the world of baby horse!