Friday, January 20, 2012

Floodwaters Rising

Wow... So my city/county has just made a "declaration of local emergency/disaster ". And school is cancelled.

Remember how I mentioned that it was raining a ton? Well, it's still raining. Apparently all sorts of roads are closed, even ones in town due to the flooding. This hasn't happened in my limited memory, or EVER as far as I know. What state do I live in?? Rain is normal for us, but apparently not just this much at once. Anyone want to help build an ark?

Plans for the day consist of... Nothing? I finished a ton of my homework while I was at the computer help desk yesterday. I spent four hours there and then I was supposed to come back this morning so that they could reinstall everything on my hard drive because apparently my computer got a fake AV (anti-virus) virus that installed a root-kit. Lovely. I'm so glad we have a computer help desk - they told me that in real life, this would cost about $200. But because campus is closed, the Library (where the help desk is located) is too. Sad.

ML, CL and I are planning an attempt to venture out to the barn. Supposedly the roads are still quite flooded, but we're going to drive out and see exactly how bad. CL has a larger vehicle which will handle the water much better than ML's or my little car. Finger's crossed that at least one of the three different ways has gone down enough to cross!

This is the road at home. It floods every year, though never quite this bad. Guess what I'm doing when I get home? Water training with Colton! Sounds like a good plan to me :)

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  1. Hope you have hip waders. That is crazy!

    It's not raining here right now, but it's supposed to start again tomorrow. I'm assuming we're getting all your leftover weather, lol.

    Stay dry!