Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Excitement and Disappointment

Well let's go with the disappointing news first. That barn that I mentioned yesterday? The super amazing, I-can't-wait-to-board-there-barn? I didn't get it. There was someone else coming to look at it on Tuesday so I emailed the BO on Monday morning to place a deposit on it, buuuut I guess the girl came out on Monday instead of Tuesday and immediately placed a deposit down on the stall. I am so bummed. I hate looking for barns more than I hate saddle shopping and this town seriously has zip, zero, zilch to offer. I was so excited to find such a fancy (but still affordable) barn that was close to school. Now back to looking at barns that I don't like. My barn is seriously nicer than half these places and my barn is kind of a dump. Not kidding. Wish I could pick it up and place it near an indoor arena and I'd be set. If only...

Let's move on to the exciting part! I got a new trailer! I'm am so excited about this. I've been wanting a new trailer forever and I finally got one! While I was away, my dad got the old trailer professionally cleaned and repainted and sold it, then bought a two horse, fully enclosed trailer that I love! I guess it took some fixing up, but it looks wonderful now. I'm over the moon. My favorite part? The tack room! It's huge. It only has 2 saddle racks and they are not swing out like I was hoping, but with all the room is doesn't matter. It has a seat with storage under it and room for the water tank to sit on top. A cupboard in the corner with shelves and a full length mirror. And the door locks! I love it. Can't believe my dad finally went through with it since I've been wanting a new trailer for years. It is a 2 horse, but that's kind of a benefit. I've never hauled more than 2 of my own horses in my 3 horse and in fact, last year was the first time I've used the 3 horse capacity and I ended up becoming the horse taxi for the dressage team which was slightly annoying. Now I have a good excuse not to pick up everyone :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to Real Life

I’m still adjusting to real life here in the US. I got back from Costa Rica on Friday and after sleeping for 13 hours the next day I had to go to work all day. Welcome back, right?

Anyways, the horses all seem to be doing pretty good. ML ended up moving her horse to another barn because her and Jetta weren’t getting along. Jetta has actually been a brat lately, according to everyone, beating up on the other horses and ML’s last ride on her ended with Jetta trying to rear. Lovely. I haven’t ridden Jetta yet, but supposedly before her little tantrum she was being awesome for ML under saddle which is unusual. I’m hoping that she remembers to behave when I get back on but I’m leaving that for a few more days while we reestablish ourselves on the ground.

Amazingly with my two skinny horses and one fat horse – all of them are actually on the fat side now. ML texted me while I was gone to say that she was cutting Jetta’s feed because she was looking fat and I didn’t believe her. Then I come home and Jetta looks like a broodmare! She has a pot belly and a flat topline! It’s a miracle! I’m sure once she gets back to work the pot belly will go away and it will be good for her to go into winter with a little extra padding.

Speaking of winter, I may have found a barn. I heard about this barn through the grapevine as a fancy barn and after stalking them on the internet came up with an email address. I’ve been emailing the owner AS since the beginning of the year, but she didn’t have any openings. Then I get back and find an email saying she has one stall open. I went and looked at the barn and I love it. ML won’t be able to board there because there’s only one opening, but I think it’s still worth it. Turn out all day, inside at night. A huge indoor arena. Trails. A fancy rider’s room. I told her I wanted to board there but we’ll see. There’s someone else that also wants to board there so I don’t know if she’ll decide between us or what. Fingers crossed!

Definitely weird to be back from my trip, but for the last few weeks of summer I have lots of horsey stuff planned – trail rides and beach rides, a few shows and some lessons. So stay tuned! Of course with this painfully slow internet I have here at the house it’s hard to update so don’t expect too much :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm Back!

I'm back from Costa Rica! Sorry it has been so long since I've posted, but it's kind of hard when you have limited internet :) I had an amazing, amazing time. I'm working on some posts now about how the horses are doing and a little bit about Costa Rica so stay tuned!