Friday, January 6, 2012

New Barn!!!

So excited :) I don't think I've ever been so excited to move into a barn.

We moved Jetta today. I was planning on waiting a bit, but my parents wanted me to move asap and this is my last weekend before school starts!

I'll hopefully have some pics of the new place next week. It's not fancy but the owner seems super nice and there is turnout! The main reason I was moving of course.

It's been a little awkward moving out. The BO and I haven't ever really gotten along. She was the cause of a lot of drama in my life. Anyways, I'm not moving out because of all the drama. While I hate drama, I can deal with it. I just wanted Jetta to have turnout and better care. The new place has turnout every single day, she's fed hay three times a day and she'll eventually have her very own run. Yay :)

I'll miss riding with my barn buddies though. I got three of my friends to move their horses to that barn and now I'm the one moving out. ML is on board with it, she understands why I'm moving out and wants to come see the barn to consider moving as well. But the good part is that the barns are only 5 minutes apart so I can still have them come trail ride at my barn or pick them up to haul to lessons, etc.

Jetta seemed happy, though a tad confused why she wasn't out with all the other horses, lol. She'll get to go out with them in 5 days (quarantine period) and I'm sure she'll be thrilled. I'll keep you updated!


  1. I hope you like your new barn. I think turnout is super important, so I'm glad you switched! Scarface is always much happier when he gets turnout and his favourite is living outside full-time!

  2. It's great Jetta can have some turn-out now :)!!
    Can't wait for the pics.

  3. Turnout is so, so important. I hope you're both much happier at the new place!

  4. So great. A happier turned out pony makes for a happier you!