Monday, February 4, 2019

Update Overload

I'm not even sure where to begin, it's been a while.

First off, most importantly... I passed my boards!!! In less than 5 short months I will actually be a DVM. It's crazy that it's finally almost here - exciting, but mostly terrifying. But that's another post. It's been a really long 4 years!

Lots of things have happened the last couple months:

Jetta did this. Because she's an idiot. Apparently her neck cover came off partially and when the BO called the horses in for dinner, she started running with the other horses, then obviously her neck cover was flapping around and "chasing" her. So the logical thing to do would be to run through the fence, right?

Such a dumb dumb

Luckily she ended up with no serious injuries, just a few superficial scrapes. The next day her legs were swollen, but she's a delicate flower and was never actually lame. A couple doses of bute and she was back to normal!

We went on a frosty New Years day ride which was lovely. But very very cold.

 I've been working with Maisie on groundwork and she's occasionally looking like a real horse a times. An awkward moose calf at other times.

Maisie got to go on another field trip to the barn. She got to hang out in the cross ties, where she's mostly trustworthy. And she got her first full bath! She was MAD about it, or as mad as a little baby horse can get. Lots of pinned ears and tail swishing, but that was it.

Finally getting almost trustworthy in the crossties
My two favorite nicknames for her: my baby string bean or baby noodle
Wearing Jetta's cooler

And then I had a bad day where I euthanized several horses in a row at school, so we did this:

And I didn't die. I never thought I would ride Jetta tackless simply because she's the kind of horse that likes to go-go-go and getting her to slow down is not her favorite. She's been a tough horse to train so while she's very responsive, she also doesn't have the most eager-to-please personality so I just resigned myself to not trusting her without tack, despite the fact that I love liberty work.

Speaking of liberty work, I do a lot of that on the ground with Jetta when I'm too lazy to ride and I've been having a ton of fun with it lately - Jetta is learning how to collect her trot and canter, in addition to changing the size of her circles while free lunging. I'm hopeful it'll translate to better transitions in the saddle!

How's that for a disjointed, overwhelming update post?!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Blogger Gift Exchange

I love this secret santa that Tracy at The Printable Pony hosts every year. I love putting together fun gifts for fellow equestrians, just as much as I love what people come up with for me!

This year I got a gift from Rebecca at Diary of the Over Anxious Horse Owner. She did a great job!

And she wrapped everything beautifully!

Well, it's sideways but oh well
I got a awesome set of monogram stickers, as well as one with Maisie and Jetta's name on them. I just have to figure out what all I want to put them on! Also, a pair of adorable socks with llamas in ties which are just hilarious. I absolutely love this brand of socks and already have a fair number of them so these will go nicely with all the rest! And lastly, some horse treats that Jetta has already eaten a large proportion of.

Thank you so much for all the goodies! I love them!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

I haven't had time yet to go through my normal year end update with lots of pictures, so I thought Amanda's blog hop idea was perfect!

Favorite show picture

I will keep reposting this photo forever, especially as it's from my favorite show this year - our first recognized dressage show!

Favorite non-show picture

I am ecstatic over how these pictures turned out. I could not have asked for better!

Favorite thing you bought

I don't think I ever blogged about it, but I got this helmet on super clearance this year and I LOVE it. I have never had such a nice helmet!!

Favorite moment on horseback

First time out with both my girls - puppy and horse went for a perfect walk around the field.

Favorite moment out of the saddle

Seeing how well Maisie handled things on her excursion to the barn, how she didn't even care about walking over poles or investigating the sprinkler and fan. She is such a great baby horse!

Favorite "between the ears" photo

I think this was my favorite trail ride all year - on my birthday even!

Favorite horse book or article

Sadly, this was not a year for reading. So unless study material for the NAVLE counts...

Favorite horse ridden or cared for besides your own

I have quite a few horses that I loved caring for at the vet school during my rotation on large animal medicine. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to post pictures without client consent and I never really took any anyways! I got to interact with some really great owners who loved their horses and it made me fall in love even more with my chosen career path. I was so glad we got to have lots of happy endings for horses that were really sick and made good recoveries.

Favorite funny picture of your horse

I had way too much fun with Maisie's birthday party this year

Favorite fence that you successfully jumped or movement that you conquered

I was so proud of Jetta at this show for being able to transition from a lengthened canter back to a regular canter without throwing a fit or trying to yank me out of the saddle. It was definitely one of the things we struggled with the most this year.

Favorite horse meme or funny picture

I don't know why I find this so funny, but it's hilarious

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

End of Year Goal Update

I'm suuuuper bad at achieving goals for myself, so this is mainly to try and keep me accountable
  • My far off goal is for Jetta and I to get our First level scores for our Bronze medal. I've wanted to work towards this for a while and I think it's definitely doable, I just need to hurry up and get started! This is far off since I start clinics in June and I'm really poor so hopefully I can save and have enough for a recognized show!
    • We did it! I didn't think it was going to happen after a couple of lackluster league shows, but Jetta did amazing! I was SO nervous, but we pulled it off with our best tests this year! I may have almost bankrupted myself, but the show was 100% worth it!
    • I think the clinic helped with an unwritten goal to get more involved and make an effort, I've wanted to ride with that clinician for years too! 

  • Take Jetta for trail rides! I'd really like to go to the beach since it has been years! 
    • We did get to go on quite a few, but sadly no beach ride. 

  • Baby needs to learn lots of things
    • Tying
      • She's a champ! Cross tying is still a work in progress, but I'm super happy with her normal tying. Next step is going somewhere new and tying her there or tying her to the trailer
    • The beginnings of lunging
      • We've started lunging, but that is still a work in progress, especially as I don't want to lunge her too much until she's older.
    • Ponying
      • Soon!
    • Trailering by herself
      • She's great! A regular little traveler
    • Teach her to self load in the trailer
      • Not yet, but I should definitely start this
    • Take her on a handful of field trips
      • So far only two field trips, but we will do more!
    • Bathing
      • Failed. Poor baby has still never had a bath, but I will probably take her to the barn where there's a hot water wash rack for her first one in the next month or two
    • Maybe wear a surcingle and bit 
      • Another one on the "soon" list
    • General ground work and manners
      • This is coming along really well, we now trot in hand, back up with halter and chest pressure, and she yields her haunches. We need to work on yielding her forehand more, but she's learning that swinging her head around as a weapon is not ok, neither is body slamming.
    • Clipping her face
      • Done! She's not a fan of her bridle path, but we finally are at the point where I can clip her bridle path, muzzle and chin while standing quietly! 

I set the bar really low this year due to vet school, but I'm really pleased with how well everything went! I tackled some huge goals for Jetta and I this year that have been in the works for way too long. 

2019 is a huge up-in-the-air year for me. I graduate in June and have no job lined up at the moment so I have no clue where I'll be come July. I may not even be in the same state depending on what opportunities I find. That means that the horses are going to be up in the air too. They are definitely never going to be sold, but they may be put on the back burner (like, super back burner, more so than now!). That said, I still like setting goals, so here's our new ones:

  • Show at Second level
    • Even if it's just a ride-a-test clinic. I want to go out in public and ride a second level test!
  • Go cross country schooling
  • Ride in a league show at least once
  • Go for a few trail rides
  • Beach ride! 
    • This is always going on my goal list
  • Audit a clinic
    • I would love to ride in one again, but it may not be in the cards this year
  • Since we're getting fairly comfortable schooling second level, start schooling third level movements and wear a double bridle a couple times
  • Pony
  • Lunge - install voice commands
  • Self load in trailer
  • Wear bridle and bit
  • Long rein
  • Carry a saddle around
  • Go for a trail walk - ponying or in hand
  • Get a bath
  • Play on a trail obstacle course

Monday, December 10, 2018

Belated Black Friday

I'm back from the dead! I have been so incredibly busy lately I've hardly had time to do much more than eat, sleep, and go to school. I'm sure not many people read this blog much any more, but I enjoy posting regardless so I'm going to attempt to get back into it.

I had quite the Black Friday shopping extravaganza. I finally sold one of my fancy western show saddles that I haven't used in ages so I actually had some money by the time Black Friday rolled around. I love hearing about what people scored so here's my list of the horse-related items I got!

Riding Warehouse:

Jetta trying her best to model
Horze Venice Bridle - for Maisie. I had one of these for Jetta and I quite liked it for the price. Obviously cheaply made, but for something that is only going to be used temporarily until it's outgrown... perfect! A grand total of $40.

Asmar long sleeved tee - I've heard great things about these shirts and I love this color, so I had to try it.

Chestnut bay show shirt - I've been wanting a show shirt in this style for some time and these were the perfect colors! I got a navy and a gray. I can't wait to show in them, they are so comfy and cute. I'll do a review on them eventually (hopefully).


This was an interesting experience. I'm not really sure I want to shop at Horze again - or at least not directly through them since it was not a good experience. Basically, they said they had a blanket in stock. I bought it. 3 days later they emailed me to say that they didn't have it any more and that they had "no other option but to refund my money and send me the other items in my order". When, in fact, they could have asked me if I'd like another color (of which there are 4 other colors available in that same size blanket). I emailed them back saying I still wanted the blanket in another size, provided it was the same price as the previous one. Three days later (again - no fast responses here) I got an email saying they could provide me with coupons if I wanted to go that route. I responded that I did and got yet another email with a coupon code, you guessed it, three days later. But, the problem was they only provided me with one coupon, not the two that I previously used so it wasn't even close to the same price. Plus, they were slowly selling out of the blanket it the size I wanted, so by the time I probably would get all the coupons I needed, they'd probably all be gone. So I gave up. If they're going to be that difficult to work with, I don't need to give them my money.

Andi Technical Shirt - I did really love this shirt! It's in one of my favorite colors, it's super comfy, it fits well, it has thumb holes AND pockets!


Maisie also got her first sparkly browband! I can't wait until it arrives. They rarely have sales and at most it's typically only 10% off, which is not enough to entice me to buy things I don't really need. However, this year they had 20% off which was awesome!

I definitely spent more than I needed to, but definitely worth it for the deals I got ;)

Monday, October 29, 2018

Favorite time of Year

I can't help it - I love clipping. Yes, it takes forever, you get hair literally everywhere (I found some in my teeth even!), but I think it's super fun.

I mentioned that I wanted to do something similar to what I did last time I clipped and I didn't realize how similar the clip was! Basically I did the same thing, with less hair on the neck, than last time so it's a modified blanket clip. I'm super happy with how it turned out!

So shinyy
Also, I've been wanting to buy some Snaks 5th Avenchew treats for a while now, so I finally ordered a cute Halloween cookie set and the unicorn crunch cups. You can give them to both dogs and horses and Kaida loves them! I've given her some of the crunch cups and she really likes them even though they're very hard and she had to figure out how to crunch them up with her soft mouth. 

 Jetta was a little less sure about her cookies, especially as they're pretty big. Once she figured out how to eat them she really liked them. They're just so adorable, I will definitely buy them again for special occasions (they're a little spendy), but they'd make perfect gifts.

A monster cookie for my monster pony

Fall (basically all of October) and Halloween have to be some of my favorites. Love this time of year <3

Friday, October 26, 2018

Decisions Decisions

So many decisions lately. A bunch of people have already been clipping their horses and I'm trying to decide when I should do Jetta. It's a little early for me to clip, but then again I have time this week before my schedule gets crazy... so that leaves the decision for what design do I want to do?

I miss her tail!

My favorite
I'm probably going to do something similar to the year before last (my favorite one). She didn't get done last year because of baby, but even if I don't ride her a whole lot this winter she just has too much hair. She's been getting pretty sweaty during our rides lately. She has a super dense winter coat, but there's not a whole lot of length. Still too much hair!

Baby horse hasn't been doing too many exciting things, though she did finally get some boots of her own! I had a pair of medium Veredus splint boots that are a hair too small for Jetta and I haven't been able to get anyone to buy them off me. They're the perfect size for Maisie so I decided to keep them. Then at WEG I looked at a bunch of different boots and decided I liked the Horseware Amigo Air Flow boots. I would've liked some Majyk Equipe boots but I needed to stay under $50 a pair and these were half that price. I'm trying really hard not to buy lots of things for her, especially ones that she will grow out of. I think at this point she has a handful of halters, a cob sized bridle that I used for Trask, a baby blanket, and now boots (one pair of which was a hand-me-down).

Ugly but free!

A friend that used to breed warmbloods gave me a blanket for her this spring. I measured her at around a 62-64" (I was being lazy and trying to measure a moving target). Luckily the blanket fits perfectly, unluckily it fits perfectly so she's going to grow out of it shortly. So now I need to hunt for a cheap blanket that will last the winter! I was thinking maybe a 68" or 70".

She could have cared less about the boots and took a couple funny steps before getting over it and walking a few laps around the round pen. Such a good baby!

Best baby
I made the decision not to go to the dressage show this weekend which is a bummer, especially since I am so ready to start showing at second level and this was going to be out debut. But, we need some more time to polish everything and I have other plans this weekend, so we'll have to wait until spring. The good news is that I really like the new second level tests for next year, so I'm excited to start riding them!