Monday, January 17, 2011


I saw this video of a young stallion on Behind the Bit and I was sooo jealous. He's three! And look at his movement! Already he is balanced with great movement and he's on the bit. Unlike our four year old horse... She's almost 5 years old!

So, to see the difference, look at him:

And then let's look at Jetta. This video was taken over two months ago. Sure, I know that she's not a warmblood, and she's not being ridden by a professional trainer but still. If it were possible, I wish Jetta looked like the above horse ;)


I can see that Jetta has improved a lot. I remember filming this video, this was our third take. The first try didn't record (you actually have to press the record button ;) And the second time I lost my stirrup and Jetta was like "One stirrup? Ok, let's go really fast!" and the final try (this video) Jetta was not happy with being asked to canter for the third time. So, it wasn't our best ride at the time, but not our worst either. I can't wait to get a new video up! Kind of...

Have I mentioned how much I hate both uploading videos to youtube and embedding them in Blogger? Not to mention that I accidently changed my youtube account into French and I don't know how to change it back! 

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