Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a lovely day!!

These past two days have just been gorgeous and sunny and warm. I love it! I am such a warm weather person. I need to be like some of those fancy trainers who move to Florida for the winter ;)

Jetta had a hard-earned day off yesterday after all of her work over the weekend. She really was pretty awesome for how green she is.

Today I went out and rode and again she was fantastic. Oh, when she's good she's great! We warmed up inside then ventured out on the trails. The sun was shining and it was pretty warm. Jetta loves the trails. She was power walking while very curiously looking this way and that.

We came across this huge lovely feild. In the early summer when it dries out and late summer/fall after the hay is cut we're allowed to ride in it and I can't wait! It's nice and big and flat - perfect for going on a nice long canter and doing some conditioning work.

Ahh, sunshine...

After our short little trail ride we went back inside the arena and did some more work as she was pretty fresh. We worked on some of the things that Kathy Casey was working with us on - asking Jetta to be more round. After doing some leg yeilds down the wall and some trot work we had two amazing canters in each direction. I love riding her when she's working correctly - she's light on the bit and you can feel her lift her back and swing her forehand up and forward. It makes me feel like I have a real dressage horse!

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