Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jetta's Hooves

So I posted a while ago about showing some pictures about how Jetta's feet have changed. She still needs to be trimmed about every 5 weeks because her hooves grow quickly and end up flaring and cracking, but overall there is a lot of improvement.

Here are her hooves when I first got Jetta.

They were pretty terrible because they had never been trimmed! Not in her whole 2 and a half years that she'd been alive. No one had even bothered to teach her to pick her feet up.

This is her hooves this week during the trim. You can see the difference between her front hooves if you zoom in.

And here they are after the trim. Doesn't she have pretty toes now? The flair is almost all going away. She still has a few quarter cracks that need to grow out and she has some mild thrush that I'm trying to eliminate, but overall a major improvement.

Just kidding. I love my phone for taking on the spot pictures, but it hides pictures from me. I know I took a picture of her hooves "after" but I can't find it! It'll show up eventually and when I find it I'll post it :)

Found it!!! My phone is weird...

So now you know all about Jetta's feet! She's still a bit thinsoled and can get tender on big rocks sometimes, so I think I might get her some hoof boots for riding on rock, maybe the Renegade hoof boots, but overall I love her barefeet and I wouldn't have her any other way.

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