Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fun show!

So today was our show. I had fun and I was happy with how Jetta did. It was so nice though - I left the show at 10:30! I think that was the shortest show I had ever been to. Jetta and I just did the first five baby classes and for the most part she was fantastic.

I was surprised that there were actually quite a few horses in the baby classes :) There were a couple other young horses, an old guy getting back to work and an adorable little pony being schooled by a trainer.

And guess what? Jetta got a first place!!! I was so surprised. Of course it was only in the walk-trot flat class, but hey, this is progress for us! We had to walk, posting trot, sitting trot, reverse at the walk, trot-halt and halt-trot. I was very proud of my baby. We got first out of four horses.

We also did trot a pole, where we got third out of six horses. Trot an X we got fourth out of five, trot a course we got second out of two, and canter a course we got third out of three. I was happy though because 1) I didn't fall off, 2) Jetta only had one refusal, 3) she didn't buck at all, and 4) she really did try. We haven't really done all that much jumping so in my eyes she was great. She was a little rushy and the first few jumps she would always "forget" (or be too lazy) to pick up her feet.

Here's the pretty girl in all her glory:

Now we know what we have to work on for next month's show. We even got a voucher for one free class for the next show because of our first place ribbon, so we get to enter more classes!

I'll talk about the clinic tomorrow. I'm trying to get a video onto my computer but it's not cooperating :(


  1. Congratulations, sounds like a great first show!

  2. Thanks! It was a good show. I was proud of my baby! I think we're going to go to another show in February, so hopefully that is even better!