Sunday, January 30, 2011

What to buy... That is the question

I love late Christmas presents :) I got an gift card in the mail the other day and I have been trying to decide what to buy with it.

I've been eyeing this book on conditioning for a long time, so I am going to buy it for sure, but then I can get one other book.


I've narrowed it down to these two books.
The Elements of Dressage: A Guide to Training the Young Horse
Basic Training of the Young Horse: From the Education of the Young Foal to the First Competition

They both got good reviews and sound like they are chock full of information. I would just like a book that has lots of clear step-by-step exercises that are illustrated, stuff that I can browse and add to my own training program. Has anyone read/owns these books? Or are there other young dressage horse training books that you like?

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  1. Hey! I own the Elements of Dressage. For me it was more of a theory book, but I LOVE it. Tells you what you should do and why, and how long it should take, etc. Not many 'do this to get this' type of things in there, but still love it. :)