Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introducing Katy

I realize that I have mentioned Katy quite a few times here on the blog but you haven't been formally introduced. So, without much further ado, here is Katy:

Katy is a half Gypsy Vanner, half PMU Clydesdale. Her sire is Taliesan, from Big Sky Gypsy's. She is not yet registered, but she's being shown as Hey There Delilah (name courtesy of ML :) but we call her Katelyn or Katy. She's four, soon to turn five in March. She is such a sweet horse. She can be sensitive and lazy (yes at the same time!) but for the most part she's super laid-back and just an all-around fun horse.

My aunt gave me Katy to train two years ago, then I was supposed to help her sell Katy, but my aunt ended up giving Katy permanently to me, with the condition that I couldn't sell her. I had a major dilemma in deciding whether to keep Jetta or Katy, I couldn't afford two horses' boards, but in the end I get to keep Katy by leasing her out! So it's a happy ending all around. Katy is doing awesome with ML so everything's good :)


  1. She's super cute. I'd love to have one of those easy going draft types one day if it weren't for their gigantic feet and stomachs ;)

  2. Thanks! She actually almost lives on air :) She just gets a handful of grain with her vitamins and some hay and she's all set! She does have truly gigantic feet though - we call them her mud tires on the trails.