Thursday, January 20, 2011

Craving a Beach Ride

I want to go ride on the beach! But it's not really feasible at this point. Yesterday the weather was gorgeous and my Animal Science 121 class went off campus to the Sheep Barn and the sun was shining and it just seemed like spring! But it's back to gloomy clouds and rain. It's super windy and rainy most of the time at the coast too...

I can't wait until spring! I am counting down the days... not literally but I really can't wait. One thing that I love about spring is the trail riding. In the winter the local trails are way too slick - I tried to go on a trail ride with Jazz and we were almost cantering in place trying to get up a hill! So I have to wait until things dry out, it gets warmer and the days get longer. One of my favoritest things (I don't think that's really a word... oh well!) is going to ride on the beach. My trainer also loves it so she'll haul me out there a lot and we race down the beach.

I think one of my favorite things, besides riding an awesome cross country course in the sunshine, is galloping across the beach and playing in the water. Jetta hasn't yet been to the beach, so we'll have to see how that one goes, but I'm sure she'll love it :) I hope.

Here are some pictures from past escapades on the beach. Enjoy!

Me and Jazz

My friend AV and Jazz go swimming!

Grady's first visit to the beach :)

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