Saturday, January 22, 2011

HH Rebozo

I must say that I really like this horse. Going to the World Equestrian Games was amazing, especially in that I got to see these world class horses up close. One of my favorites was Vigo d'Asouilles, partly because he was a gorgeous chestnut like my own favorite horse, Grady, but he seemed to have a great temperament and loved his job, and he looked super nice going around the course, but also because he was the shiniest horse I have ever seen!

The gorgeous Vigo D'Arsouilles, piloted by Phillipe Le Jeune

 But I fell in love with the little HH Rebozo. He looked like one of the smallest horses on the course even though he's roughly 16 hh (I think). But he was so cute and super laid back! He was the only horse to get time faults because he was going too slow, lol. I loved his laid-back manner and how he rode in a simple short shank hackamore, especially when compared to Hickstead's get-up!

Hickstead and Eric Lamaze. Hickstead has an eggbutt snaffle
and long shank hackamore kept together with a converter.
Read more about it here. Now this is one hot horse!

To me, the show jumping horses I see, seem to have one thing in common: they like to go. So Rebozo was different. I think some of the top horses have to be just a little bit crazy to tackle the courses at the International level :) It's a delicate balance between hotness and grace, the ability to jump and the ability to get it done quickly. It was interesting to see a horse that had made it to the top, but he didn't seem hot or crazy. It was something nice to see, I felt.

Roderigo Pessoa effortlessly guiding HH Rebozo

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