Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tack Sale

I don't think there's anything better than a good tack sale :) I enjoy shopping, good deals, and horse tack, so combine all three things and you get a good day! Unfortunately I didn't sell my two saddles, but there are two people interested that would like to take my Collegiate out on trial so fingers crossed that they follow through!

This year the tack sale was at a huge nice riding facility, OHC. My Hippology team was in charge of doing the tack sale last year (it's an annual event that someone different picks up each year) and looking at OHC and the fairgrounds were just way too expensive, so we ended up at another barn that wasn't quite as nice but useable. I thought it was awesome that they worked out a deal with the owner of OHC because he usually charges so much that he had to have cut them a deal, possibly there was no show for the weekend so he needed something to fill the empty space.

Anyways, there was a ton of vendors, as always. Not many as at the Canby tack sale, but plenty to make it more than worth it to come. I sold a few odds and ends - a set of shipping boots my horses hate, a show shirt, a saddle pad, a fly mask that I hate, and some old rubber boots that no longer fit. I spent about half of my earning on some new stuff, a new dressage cavesson (super soft!), a french link snaffle, a jumping hackamore, and a stock tie. Nothing spectacular, but stuff I know I'll use.

I noticed that there were so many saddles, I just think with the economy right now, they just aren't selling unless they're an ok quality for super cheap. As with every tack sale you must get there right away or all the other good deals will be gone. Either that or come at the end and just make really low offers on things. I saw some driving lines that sell for $50 from Schneiders and I headed towards them, but before I got there someone picked them up and bought them! And someone beat me to a nice $20 soft touch dressage girth. Sigh :( And I was there at 7:30, half an hour before opening cause I was there to set up my small amount of tack.

A friend of mine is a bargain shopper - she looks for good stuff that is way underpriced and buys it, cleans it up and resells it. She got a couple nice things, including a pretty show headstall with silver buckles, very nice and understated, not gaudy at all. The buckles were stamped with "Sterling Silver" on the back and she got it for 20 bucks! I think my favorite buy from a tack sale is probably my dressage saddle. $800 for an almost brand new $2500 saddle. <3 I love that saddle.

Have you ever gotten a great deal at a tack sale?

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