Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bronc Ride

What an interesting ride. Jetta was super good at first, then a few horses came back from a trail ride and Katy bolted across the arena which obviously meant that Jetta had to freak out for no reason too, right? We had bucking and rearing and spinning around, galloping and snorting, with the tail in the air. Geezus. ML got off Katy and lunged her cause she was being all over the place so we had two snorting bucking crazy horses. Jetta didn't settle down because horses just kept walking past the gate and she had to show off with her fast, prancy trot and gallop with her tail curling up. Silly ponies. She was pretty good in the saddle, I didn't even bother cantering cause she was already so worked up and sweaty. Very interesting ride...

This is totally what Jetta and Katy
both looked like tonight, lol.

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