Saturday, January 29, 2011

Equestrian Boots

I must admit that I really like the trend of "Equestrian" boots.

They're very popular here on campus and I really want a pair! One friend said I should just wear my tall boots, but that's a little over the top and I don't think that I could handle walking across campus in them all day.

The first pair I ever fell in love with were these Hunter Hamilton brown leather boots. They're cute and simple. I really like the outside zipper and buckle at the top as well as the low heel and smooth leather. I wish the outside zipper would become fashionable for actual riding boots. Of course as soon as I discovered them they were discontinued and you can't find them anywhere...


Since then I have found two pairs of boots that I love and won't break the bank. I can't believe how spendy some of these boots are. $300+ and they're not even real riding boots!

The Loot Boot from White Mountain Shoes.

Aerosoles - Ride Line-Brown Pu-5.5M - Women's Ride Line Boots in Brown Leather
Aerosoles Ride Line Boots.

Then for my splurge pair, I like the Smarpak Cordoba Andalusian riding boots. I'm not a super fan of the tassel, but I like everything else. Just a bit too pricey for my budget!

It's interesting to read about "equestrian style" and how it's becoming more popular in the non-horsey populations :) It's pretty normal for us and while we of course want to look good in our riding wear, I don't think many of us consider venturing outside the barn or show ring in our horse clothing (at least on purpose!)

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  1. Hi, I don't know if you'd be interested, but I have an almost brand-new pair of black Hunter Hamiltons that don't fit me. They're size 41 EU (around 9.5-10 US). I wish they fit me, they're gorgeous...but my giant calves are too big for them. Of course I bought them online from the UK and couldn't return them.