Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Jetta

Wow, you have to love the internet sometimes. It's great for connecting with people. It's how I found the new owner of the first horse I ever sold, Patch and it has proved itself great again.

Remember that post where I talked about Jetta's dam and full brother? I was wondering what had happened to them. Anyways, Jetta's mom (Step Away)'s owner found me! And she sent me a baby pictures of Jetta! (Then called Punky). How awesome is that?! No, I am not excited. Not the slightest bit ;)

Ahhh! She's so cute! Even in that gawky baby stage with her butt a mile high. But I can still recognize her adorable face, that nice shoulder and neck. D'aww ♥

I'm glad that Step Away found what sounds to be a great home with someone that loves her, especially since I love my baby so much. Thanks again!

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