Friday, April 6, 2012

Not a Fluke

I went to see Jetta today, half expecting her to be lame again. It was too good to be true that after two and a half days she was 100% sound again. But she still was great!

I brought her out of the stall and put her in the arena to lunge her just to make sure she wasn't still off a bit. She kept acting like she wanted to roll, walking along with her nose to the ground like some sort of hound dog, so I let her off the lunge line and after several circuits of sniffing the arena with no inclinations to roll, I went to reattach her and she took off. Guess she really is feeling better! Amazing how she can go from one day not wanting to walk to the next day rocketing around and bucking!

She calmed down and didn't take one misstep, though she did make me nervous when she took of galloping again when she heard the neighbors rolling in their garbage cans. She likes to wait until the last second to turn, silly pony.

Abscess hole

Exhibiting the toe-flicking portion of her pogo-trot.
I cleaned out her hoof really well and I think she did have an abscess exit through her toe, there's what appears to be a small hole so I scraped it out real good then applied a ton of betadine. I plan on keeping her inside for the next week with only turnout in the arena so it doesn't get infected from the mud outside. Just so relieved now!


  1. Glad she is still feeling good, inside turn out sounds great. She looks wonderful in the pictures.

  2. Whew, I'm super happy that she's already better!! She looks great in those trot pictures.

  3. Phenom trot pics!! Have u ever done a white lightning soak after abscess? Great for cleaning out any exit/entry holes :)

  4. yay that she is sound! And kinda yay that you know what was bothering her and that it's on the mend!

  5. Thanks guys! Kristen - good thought, I will do that :)