Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happening Stuff

Well, it's not really happening over here. Nothing's really going on unfortunately. Sorry I've been so bad at blogging! I just have a bit of writer's block I guess. Well, make that a block for everything, I've just been struggling to find motivation for pretty much everything. Here's a bit of an update though.

While this term is certainly easier than last term, my schedule is way crazier so I feel like I have zero time, especially with the huge amount of homework on top. I don't feel like I have that much time to spend with Jetta, but I end up having to make time to go see her which then infringes on homework time. I've been having to go out more often than I would like (not that I don't want to see Jetta!) but because I need to go out.

On Sunday I got a text from the BO that Jetta was limping again. Ugh. I thought we were done with this whole thing. I finally got to the barn on Tuesday and she was just slightly off, but enough that I didn't feel like riding her. Today, was better but still just a little off so we just lunged in side reins and worked up a bit of a sweat.

I think there's probably bruising going on but I'm not sure because there haven't been any events for bruising unless it's just residual soreness from the abscess. But the abscess ruptured two weeks ago. I have called my farrier for her opinion and am waiting to hear back since I know there is such a spectrum of opinions on this matter. As it is right now, Jetta is getting turned out, worked on soft surfaces only, thrush treatment and I'm applying some of the Hooflex all natural dressing which contains arnica (that I won from Kristen!) as well as some coconut oil to see if we can't get this bruising to go away if that's what this is. We'll have to see what ideas my farrier has to offer too.

It's amazing how dry the pastures have gotten recently after a week with no rain. Jetta's pasture which was absolutely liquid soup all winter has almost completely dried except for a little bit around the gate. Plus the BO made some huge mangers for hay to keep it off of the mud and prevent the ponies from spreading it around, so the pastures are looking pretty great right now! I really do like my BO because she really is helpful and thinks of the horses first. But I have to say that I'm looking for a new barn right now. This winter was really rough with the soupy pastures, no washrack (still not working), no cross ties, a dirt aisle that got muddy and an arena that got slightly flooded. Not enough to make me immediately move out or never consider boarding here again, but I'd prefer a slightly nicer barn. But this barn is definitely better than the other barn I was at. At least Jetta gets turned out, she never has to stay in a filthy stall, her water is always sparkling clean among other awesome things.

Hoping to go on a trail ride sometime next week. The new vet that I work with Dr. P (I may have mentioned her before) is super nice and she's leasing her baby warmblood to ML. She invited us both over for a trail ride so either I'm going to take Jetta if she's feeling up to it or ride Dr. P's fat and out-of-shape yet completely adorable drafty horse, Bubba. I'm very excited since I haven't done anything "fun", horse-related or not, for what seems like ages. Plus I've been dying to get out of the arena.

The problem is of course whether Jetta will be too sore on rocks. Which I still can't believe I'm saying about my Thoroughbred's formerly rock-crunching hooves. Yes, I have my Old Macs, but they're just so clunky that I feel bad making Jetta trot or canter in them. Yes, she can do it and doesn't fuss about it, but I still feel bad. I was planning on ordering some Easyboot gloves since I found out they now come in wide sizes making them almost perfect for Jetta's big ol' feet, but the place I was going to order them through at a considerable discount only carries them up to size 2.5. I need a size 3. Phooey. My other option is to order them in another style that I don't like as well, but they probably wouldn't get here by the time our trail ride happens :(

So that's life right now! I'll try to get back on track with posting, but honestly nothing interesting enough is happening to post abouy right now. But I will prevail over this slump! I hope :)

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  1. Grr, I hate barefoot woes. I know how you feel. Especially too, about the boots. I have been questioning getting a pair of Cavallo's in hopes they are easier to put on vs my Easy Boots. But $$$. Maybe a good white lighting soak would help Jetta, it would clean up/zap any lingering abscess holes and pull out anything hiding. Good luck!! A good trail ride sounds awesome.