Thursday, April 5, 2012


Well Jetta is magically sound again! After yesterday when she was so lame she barely wanted to walk, I came out to the barn expecting more of the same. After a lengthy discussion on the phone with my amazing farrier (she wouldn't be able to make it out until next week) she too thought it was an abscess so I was all prepared to treat it as such armed with my new plethora of methods to treat it.

My roommates came with me, a mini-field trip for the city kids, lol. And when I went to walk Jetta to see if she was still as lame as she was - nothing! No limp, not even at the trot. Nada. Tomorrow I guess we'll try some lunging and see how that goes. If it was an abscess, I can't find where it comes out. There's no holes anywhere, even around her heel or coronary band. So I think Jetta might stay in a few days more just in case there's a hole I can't find so it doesn't get infected in the muddy pasture (because we're talking about Jetta here. If it can, it will get infected). I don't think Jetta will mind that much though with all of the pampering going on - extra hay, tons of treats and lots of grooming time with no riding time! The other option of course that it was just a bonk to her fetlock. Anyways, we're going to take it slow but I'm relieved! No vet visit necessary.


  1. Yay!!! Fingers crossed she stays sound!

  2. That's crazy! Glad Jetta is better.

  3. Oh you lucky girl! Sounds like she worked it out herself :)