Monday, April 9, 2012

Still Out of it

Well, Jetta's still a little bit off at the trot, which my farrier says in normal, so we're still just hanging out. Add in the fact that I've gotten sick, so now at least Jetta can have some company in the sick ward ;)

AC comes out to trim Jetta's hooves tomorrow and we'll get her opinion on how the abscess hole looks, and whether or not she is in fact still sore. Since I'm awful at pinpointing slight lameness, it could just be my eyes playing tricks! Or I just need to hop on and see if she feels lame, since I'm way better at feeling it from a horse's back. I know it just needs time to heal, but I'm eager to be back in the saddle soon especially since the weather is feeling so warm and springy!

Sorry for the minimal post, but I really have nothing else, so fingers crossed that AC says her hooves look good tomorrow and that Jetta gets better as fast as possible!

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