Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 5

It's week 5 out of the 11 weeks of school this term. And I'm ready for summer. I don't want to study any more! I have a huge amount of tests and homework and presentations due both this week and next. Yuck.

I rode Jetta today and she was ok. Started off pretty awful, though I couldn't blame her too much with how little I've been riding her. All she wanted to do was hang on that left rein and zoom around on her forehand at the trot so we did lots of circles and transitions to get her to lighten up. She ended up doing very well by the end. Her canter was super nice, though still a work in progress.

It was difficult to tell whether she was lame or not. When I brought her out of the pasture and trotted her down the aisle she was definitely lame. The aisle is packed dirt so it's a lot harder than the arena. Once in the arena I lunged her but it was difficult to see any lameness at all, though I do believe she looked just the tiniest bit off. Once on, I couldn't tell if she was limping or what because our tempo was so erratic and rushy and lean-y all at once. By the end when I finally got a nice smooth and light trot out of her, she felt absolutely fine. Hm. I wonder if it's more musculo-skeletal soreness from compensating for her hurt hoof? Something that she works out of? Anyways, I think she's feeling a bit better. Still don't know if I'm going to ride her on the trails on Friday or not, but if I do I will boot her and I bought a gel pad to go in the boots. I just wonder how long it's going to take for her hooves to harden back up again.

Here's the videos. The one to the right is super shaky at first, but it gets better! Sorry, I'm just an awful videographer, especially with a cell phone camera :) What do you see, if anything? Personally, I got nada.

Anyways, I have time to ride Jetta tomorrow but probably not on Thursday. Then Friday I'm skipping out of class early to go on a trail ride! I'm so excited, I haven't been on a real trail ride in too long.


  1. Ugh I'm terrible at it now that I'm so used to seeing my lame boy! She looks good to me, but you have to trust your instinct. FUN-trail ride!! Yay. And baby Jetta- toooooo adorbs! I've searched but never found a baby Laz (Lycius Two) but would DIE ON THE SPOT if I did.

  2. I thought she might have taken a slightly awkward step coming out of the canter, but it's hard to tell with the videos being a little shakey.

    I think she looks pretty good overall! I know you'll take it easy on her until she's 100% back to normal anyways. =-)