Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finally the Weekend

This post was supposed to be Finally Friday but I never got around to posting it yesterday!

Jetta doesn't seem any worse for wear from our hectic ride on Thursday - the one that was supposed to be laid back but definitely wasn't. I finally dug out her fly mask and put it on since the flies were out in force today, I'm glad I splurged on a Cashel mask last year, it fits so well and has lasted well so far, plus it's neat to have her name embroidered on it :)

She still looks just barely, slightly off at the trot, but I'm not sure if it's because I'm expecting her to be or not. I have so little experience with lamenesses that I'm pretty bad at being able to tell. Maybe next week I'll get a video up, I plan on sending a video to my farrier so I can share it with you too and get some opinions.

I went home today and groomed Grady and Colton. Didn't really feel like riding much so I just lunged Colton and sat on his back for a minute. I found my furminator and it works so well for getting all that hair off. Grady is so close to being done with shedding. Colton on the other hand still has a ton of hair. I'm still considering doing a strip clip on him to help him keep cool since he gets so sweaty, poor thing. If only he would shed faster!

Other than that, no news. Hopefully I'll be able to escape out to the barn on Monday, but if not, I definitely plan on riding on Tuesday. Hopefully it all goes well and Jetta continues to improve!

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