Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

Well, I think everything is getting back to normal. At least I hope. Jetta was pretty good for our ride today. I didn't ride yesterday, just lunged because Monday's are when I have class all day till 7:30pm so I just didn't feel like it.

Of course she was bratty once I got on. She ignored my leg, completely dropping her shoulder on the inside around the corner, then when I tapped her with the whip, she exploded. Sigh. A few turns on the haunches and forehand, then some leg yields and shoulder ins got her paying better attention and from there on it was smooth sailing. She was a bit distracted with a group of horses outside having fun, squealing and snorting and running around, but for the most part she worked pretty hard.

Our canter departs are pretty ugly still, but she put in a good effort for slowing down the canter. This is some of our homework from our last ride with TS, because at this point, with a forward canter I can have her coming over her back nicely, but it's just too fast. Once we slow it down though, she gets a bit disconnected from front to back so we're going to be working on that.

Almost no limping today except for when I'm guessing she stepped on a rock or something. She gave a few "I'm dying here!!" limp steps and then was fine. I'm thinking she was exaggerating just a bit, lol. The boots are off now (I didn't ride in them today) and she gets to go outside tomorrow. I just really hope that this is the last of this episode. The pastures are still super muddy even though we've been having less rain. Come to think of it, they'll probably be muddy until June, ugh. But I'm just hoping there's no more injuries!

Finally putting all this stuff away!

Our next outing will hopefully be May 26th. There's an eventing clinic that I think will be good for Jetta. Of course the next day is a combined  test that I really, really want to participate in, but of course the week before I'm asking to work Saturday instead of Sunday for the dressage team show we're putting on, so I don't think I'll push it and ask for not only a change of day, but also a weekend off. That just never ends well unfortunately. At least we'll get some experience on cross country if the course is dry enough! Come on sunshine :)


  1. Please send the rain here, my horses hooves are like rocks and they to soften up so I can trim them!

  2. Oh, I wish! You can definitely have it, I don't want it any more!