Monday, April 2, 2012

Fresh Start

Well it's a new term in school so it's a fresh start! Last term didn't go as well as I would have liked and while I'm still taking five classes, two of them are only one credit so I'm down to 16 total credits. Much more manageable. Of course today was beautiful, kicking off the new term nicely, the only bad part was that I won't have time to go see my pony today :(

View from my window right now!

So my big news for the day is that I'm doing a half lease on Jetta. After the awfulness that was last term and the fact that I rode Jetta about twice a week for almost the whole month, I've decided that she needs much more consistent time under saddle, and since ML's horse is lame I offered her the ride! Jetta's definitely not the kind of horse that can do well with only two days a week under saddle - we end up bickering and working on basics so there ends up being zero progress.

I was thinking that we'd make it so that we'd switch off every other day, but ML is not as... structured as I am so she's just going to ride whenever I can't. But my new class schedule doesn't really allow me to ride on Mondays or Thursdays so I'm going to talk to her and see if she'll ride then as well as one day over the weekend. Overall, I think it will be good for Jetta and good for me as it will allow me to focus more on school and not feel guilty when I can't make it to the barn.

I'm a tad bit hesitant about the whole thing still though just because I'm so particular on how Jetta is ridden. She can be quite the brat, but I don't want ML to be overly tough on her because I feel like that would cause even more behavioral problems or for Jetta to become dull on the aids. I'm confident at least that ML is good enough to stay with her more acrobatic moments, but I hope that she doesn't cause any (more) bad habits in Jetta. It's just that Jetta is too darn smart for her own good so you ride her incorrectly once and voila! you have a new bad habit.

But we shall see. Hopefully ML will come out with me tomorrow and ride so I can show her what I've been working on and how I've been handling her baby moments. Wish us luck!


  1. Hope this works out well for you two :) I am sure that it will!

    oh and who is ML? I must have missed something sorry!

  2. Thanks! No worries, here's a brief synopsis: ML is a friend of mine, we're also roommates. We met at the vet hospital we both work at and she ended up leasing Katy last year. She's a hunter rider that I'm converting to eventing :)

  3. HAHA converting to eventing- nicely put! Ok sounds like she will be a good fit since you are close to her and you can help if needed :) I am a hunter and i def don't have the balls for eventing :)