Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More of the Same

Well, AC came out and trimmed Jetta's hooves today. She's still a bit short at the trot on her right front, no improvement, so AC thinks that there might be another pocket of the abscess in there. Other than that she's got some fungus going on (I blame all the mud!) and her quarter cracks have not backed off yet, which again is the mud's fault despite my aggressive soaking in white lightning and spraying on hydrogen peroxide. But hopefully that will soon disappear.

Otherwise her feet are looking great. I put Jetta in her hoof boots with a poultice made of sugar and Betadine to hopefully draw out any lingering bacteria or pus in her hoof. AC said that there's no reason I can't ride if Jetta's feeling up to it in the hoof boots, so we may do that. I was still clinging to the hope that she might be sound by Saturday for the show I signed up for a while back, and AC thinks it's still possible we might make it so I'm holding out on scratching til the last possible second!

Jetta was such a pain for doing her hooves in the poultice. She's been very good about all this soaking and picking at her hooves the past week, she's learned that she really just needs to put up with it. But tonight I felt like I was dealing with a child the way my conversation was going:

"No, don't lick that" "Hey, don't you eat that stuff!" "Put those scissors down" "Quit touching me with your nose" "No, that is not edible" "Cut it out" "Stand still for just one more second!"

Geez, pony. She of course tried to sample the Betadine poultice (which I'm sure tasted just lovely) then she kept pushing my shirt up and nuzzling my back (that tickles!) or try eating my hair, then she'd stand there and bob her head which made her foot move too much. After being yelled at to knock it off, she'd go back to investigating my tools and at one point picked up the scissors in her mouth when I wasn't looking. Child, you are going to hurt yourself even more than you already are.

The hoof boots that I have are ones that my farrier gave me when I first got Jetta and they are giant, ugly things. They fit really well, they just look like boats on Jetta's hooves. Of course Jetta has quite large hooves, so though I looked into buying some Easyboot Gloves which I really like, they don't make them in size flippers-for-feet, so I've delayed purchasing anything else. But you can't beat free, even though they sure are ugly.

Betadine + sugar mixture

Looking oh-so-svelte with her boat hooves

Jetta trying to be helpful - "Can I eatz the camera?"