Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dare I say it?

Should I? Well, I guess it can't hurt: Jetta looked completely sound today. *Knock on wood and any other superstitious preventative against disaster tomorrow*

I'm being very (very) cautiously optimistic about the show this weekend, so we'll see how all of this goes.

I lunged Jetta on the lunge line today in the freshly dragged arena. I know I'm not alone when I say that I love it when I'm the first person to ride (or at least in my case, lunge) in the fresh and smooth dirt. Silly horse people :)

So nice.
 Jetta didn't seem too bothered by her big ol' boots, though to me it looked like she had to work a little harder in the canter not to trip, but then again she can be such a klutz. She looked good though. Yay for the Sugardine poultice!

After briefly lunging and then letting her sniff around, flirt with the gelding outside and then roll, I soaked her hoof again for 20 minutes and then cleaned out her boot and reapplied the poultice. She is such a good girl for getting her hoof soaked. Just plop down some hay in front of her and she won't budge!

I'm afraid that's it for news in my neck of the woods. Tomorrow I hope to do the same, maybe if I'm lucky I might do a short ride, then work on pulling Jetta's mane and clean some tack. Such is life with horses - they might drive us crazy and cause us endless worry, but I wouldn't trade them for anything :)


  1. Who wouldn't love lunging or riding in fresh arena. Yay for Jetta feeling better. I will cross my fingers for showing this weekend.

  2. Good luck this weekend- Seems you are out of the woods! :)

  3. Haha! Just today I was telling someone how much I loved being the first one to ride in a "fresh" arena. Particularly on a cool, sunny morning. It's like heaven.