Thursday, May 31, 2012

Worst. Luck. Ever.

I had the absolute worst luck EVER yesterday. Geez.

So first of all we went to school cross country. No, I didn't get dumped again. But it was still awful. Ok, maybe it wasn't THAT bad...

#1 - I lunged Jetta over some jumps. Yes, I will always be that "crazy girl" who does weird stuff like that. But it helped. We lunged over all the BN and a lot of N jumps, even a trakhener! She was super good. But, of course, last jump, a large roll top, she jumps over it and canters away and keeps going, and going, and going... The lunge line pops right out of my hand. I was just thinking of how mortified I would be if that happened. And it did. Jetta goes galloping away, lunge line flapping in the breeze. Sigh. She gallops straight through a group of pony clubbers walking out for a lesson, past all of the moms walking up to watch them, past the barn and down the driveway with me running behind. Luckily someone caught her before she ran all the way home. I was absolutely mortified (and about ready to keel over from overheating). Then we had to make the walk of shame all the way back to where I left my stuff in the field, back to the group of pony clubbers. Luckily the trainer didn't make a big deal out of it like some people would have. I have before gotten lectured on the "dangers" of lunging my horse, at least the pony clubbers got a good example of what "not to do" a la crazy me, right? Glad I could be such a wonderful example.

#2 - I had a meeting at 6 pm so I wanted to leave the cross country course by 4:30 pm so I could walk back to my barn (it takes half an hour) and then have time to go home and change (oh the joys of not having a truck and trailer). Buuuuut I lost track of time and before I knew it, it was already 5 pm. Shoot. So I packed up my stuff really fast and off we went, power walking back to the barn. I was carrying a  bag of stuff (water, lunge line, halter, purse, crop, etc.) and my lunge whip (giant purple, over-sized stick). So of course that made me look even more crazy than my previous antics. Halfway home I decided to ditch my stuff in the tall grass on the side of the gravel road so I could use both hands to ride and we could actually trot. I pulled my phone and purse out of the bag and trotted back to the barn. I was planning on coming back to get my stuff with the car. I get back, untack Jetta super fast and put her in the pasture. And go to my car. And I can't find my keys. Guess where they were? Back in the bag I had hidden on the side of the road. &$*@*# The barn owner was not there, my one friend who actually has a car wasn't answering her phone... So I walked. All the way back to where I had left my bag. I took me a good 45 minutes to get all the way out there and back. In the hot sun. In my riding clothes and boots.

So obviously I missed my meeting. I now have three blisters. I am sun burnt because of course I forgot to put sunscreen on. I'm exhausted and I'm pretty sure that everyone thinks I'm crazy. But at least I feel like our little schooling session was worth it, despite my newfound (continued?) status as the crazy lady and the other awful things that happened.

Jetta was pretty good under saddle after her little escape act. I tacked her up and we went and jumped all the BN jumps. We only had one or two refusals and they weren't dirty stops like they had been before. We even jumped a jump that looked suspiciously like the one the she dumped me over, except I think it may have been smaller. Anyways, it was a productive yet awful day all wrapped into one.

So, can anyone top my day in terms of awfulness?


  1. Oh man! One thing after another! I am sorry but yay for a good ride!

  2. That is some pretty terrible luck :(

  3. Missy once pulled the lunge line out of my hands 3 times in one session...the first time, I had been too stupid to shut the arena door and she went gallavanting around the property...that of course created a big giant problem that was a pain in the butt to fix. I feel ya!

  4. Ugh that sucks... I can't top that, but last time I fed one of the old lesson horses escaped so I spent about 20 minutes chasing a black horse through a pitch black soy bean field. At least there was no one around to see it though.

  5. It must be one of those days... I am right there with ya!
    Today I was kneeling next to a horse who was tied to a very stout wooden hitching post. I was taking off galloping boots... the horse spooked and pulled-back, taking the entire hitching post with him (pulled the whole thing out of the ground). I had a good instinct to duck and run... but not quite fast enough! The post hit me in the hip and now I am verrrrryyyy bruised and limping!