Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stress'n Me Out

This is turning into a very stressful week! On Sunday, the dressage team that I'm president of is putting on a dressage league show. I was thinking that it was going to be a relatively low stress event this time around (I think this is the fourth one I've helped with?) but of course I jinxed it when I mentioned that to the show secretary. Sigh. We're having some issues on getting the contract with the judge (since we're a university club we have to do it all by their rules and there's a ton of paperwork involved) and it's a pain in the butt. Especially when I can't get a hold of her... It's tough to be show manager and do school on top! I also am still working on securing a sponsorship for the show, prizes still have to be picked up, score sheets to be printed, and I have to ensure that we actually have enough members to help (we have a tiny club of 7 people and people are already trying to flake on me - we need at least 7 people to run a show!). Then I have a huge midterm on Friday in addition to two lab reports that need to be typed up and I don't know how I'm going to manage to do all these things at once. Remind me why I keep piling stuff onto my plate and have decided that volunteering at a cultural event on Friday night was a good idea?

Luckily I managed to have a great ride on Jetta today. She was near perfect - just what I needed! I haven't seen her in 4 days (I hate this whole focusing on school therefore no pony time) so I was expecting a challenging ride but I got just the opposite! Of course she did kick the wall once when she got ticked that I wouldn't let her canter on the wrong lead and was pulling a bunch of nasty mare-wolf faces at the gelding we were riding with, but those are all old hat in Jetta's "Book of Bad Behavior" so it wasn't a huge deal. What was great though was that she was responsive to all my aids, she was light and on the bit, hardly tried to rush at all, great transitions, beautiful canter and we even popped over a tiny cavaletti that was set up and there was no rushing or leaning before or after the jump. Now if only this would continue...

Jetta's looking pretty good. I was getting worried about her dropping weight. She is a hard keeper and loses weight a bit every winter but usually spring is when she bounces back. But she hasn't been, so I talked with the barn owner and instead of upping her grain (she's already at 6 pounds, plus a large amount of fat supplement) we decided to add beet pulp a couple weeks ago and I think I'm starting to see her ribs fill in just a little bit, so let's hope this continues and if so, it will remain a constant in her diet.

Hopefully I'll manage to fit more rides in this week and all drama will resolve itself. I could use some good thoughts though for our show this weekend!

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