Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I finally rode Jetta today. She was pretty good, though I think still a little bit sore from our cross country experience over the weekend. We just rode in dressage tack and she was just a little bit stiff, especially in her back, she wasn't as willing to swing and engage over her back thus our trot was a little bit quick and choppy, so we worked on our transitions, did lots of long and low work and some 3-loop serpentines across the arena to help stretch and get a little more supple.

We got our schedule for the eventing clinic this Saturday. I entered as a Novice pair, but I'm slightly worried about that. I guess it's just a lesson, but my lesson group is made up of half Novice riders and half Training level riders. I really hope that they don't want us to attempt some of the training stuff - show jumping yes, but not cross country!

I was thinking about some of the training jumps that were on the cross country course that we did over the weekend, and of course the ones that scare me most - the trakehner and the corner. For some reason, I just really, really don't like corners. They just seem like way too easy to have a run out on and whenever I watch upper level eventing, it always seems like I see a fall at a corner. The trakhener - I'm not really afraid of them like a lot of people I know, I just don't think Jetta's ready to attempt one, especially since my fall. I'd be happy for the trainers to get on and jump her over a trakhener, but I certainly don't plan on doing one anytime soon! I remember looking at the trakehner when we were jumping and thinking - "Oh, that's not very big, I bet we could do that" but once we got closer my thinking was more "Holy cow that thing's scary! Nope, not for us today!".

Hopefully we're not asked to do anything that far out of our comfort zone this weekend and I get some good pointers!

Tomorrow I'm planning on riding and again on Friday. I plan on doing some small jumps tomorrow and then an easy ride on Friday - probably some dressage or maybe a trail ride. Hopefully I get to give her a quick bath as well so my mud-loving pony doesn't look quite so gross - the rain has unfortunately made a reappearance much to Jetta's joy and my chagrin. I just want it to be summer. At least this weekend is 3 days long!

I think Jetta should be a bridle model :) Such a pretty face!

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