Friday, May 25, 2012

Free Jumping Beast

Jetta was so good for our ride last night! I started out by free lunging her. First she jumped 3'3" a couple times, then I added some jump blocks until it was about 3'9". She was so good! It was pretty cute - after jumping it she'd trot around a bit with her tail in the air and snorting and prancing like she was all that and she knew it. Then she'd trot over to me and stop, heaving a big sigh - "Did I do good mom??" Adorable.

After that we just had a quick ride. I did lots of two point (getting better!) and I set the jumps down small, roughly 2'3" or somewhere around there and jumped them only a couple times in each direction. Jetta was very good, and although she was a bit too excited to jump, she still listened well and payed attention to all my half halts. I mostly got to work on my position, because at that height Jetta doesn't need hardly any direction from me. Of course once I finally got the "sit up!" part through my head, my heels would then come up. Annoying. I think I finally nailed it on our last jump - sitting up, shoulders back, nice release, leg on, heels down. Too much at once!

I'm excited to have someone to yell at me about what I need to fix over fences this weekend and am trying to find someone to video/photograph... My mom won't come because she doesn't like watching me jump and ML doesn't really want to do it, so we'll see. It's great when you have someone to tell you what you need to work on, but it helps it sink in even more when you can see what you're doing wrong yourself on film.

 I got some of our free-jumps on my cell phone, beware that it's really, really dark but it's proof!

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  1. Jetta is a free-jumping beast...just like my Missy<3