Friday, June 1, 2012

Show Prep

Our show is tomorrow! Despite repeatedly telling myself that it's just for fun, it doesn't matter how we do since this is Jetta's first eventing show, our second dressage test in front of a judge and third jumping show. So realistically I shouldn't set my expectations very high. I'm just afraid of falling off again and I'm having doubts about competing at the recognized HT...

Anyways, Jetta is clipped and bathed. The trailer is loaded and tack is all cleaned. I just need to fill the water tank (best purchase ever!!) get all my show clothes ready and memorize my dressage test. 

Aaaand I bought a new dressage bridle!! It arrived today, in perfect timing for the show. It's lovely - I did splurge a bit more than I wanted to, but I've been mooning over this bridle forever on ebay. It's a Dy'on hunt bridle. And it was way, way, way cheaper than normal, even though it was brand new. Sooo, I bought it. Another person bid on it after the seller dropped the price so I bid on it. And won it. Then immediately regretted it. Then got super excited for it to arrive. Lol.

But I'm happy with it. It came and it's not exactly new, but that's something you deal with when buying on ebay. One cheek piece has a scrape on it and the buckles are all slightly oxidized (not rusted, maybe they need to be polished???). Anyways, I tried it on Jetta and it looks great! I wasn't completely sure about the flat noseband, though I thought it would look great to use on Colton. But, I think it looks fantastic on her long nose. I put my sparkly browband on it, though since it's a monocrown bridle, my browband is a bit too small for it. The only other problem is that the throat latch is giant.


After Jetta's bath she got turned back outside. I put her brand new flysheet on that I haven't put on her yet. I got it super cheap at a tack sale so it was a good buy. It fit really well and it should keep her a little cleaner than usual. Of course she immediately rolled once outside :( Bad pony.

Getting ready to roll...


Hopefully everything goes well tomorrow!!