Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Late Night Ride

Ok, it wasn't that late, but not my usual ride time. I got out to the barn at 8pm and managed to have a pretty good ride, much better than yesterday's, that's for sure!

I tacked Jetta up in her jump tack and after an interesting lunge session got on. She was quite upset that all her buddies were getting to come inside and eat, so there was lots of bucking, prancing and just generally not paying attention to me on the lunge line. Eventually she settled down a bit though... that is until I got on. As soon as I sat down and put my feet in the stirrups she tried to canter off with me.

Sigh. I think my horse is trying to tell me that a) she does not approve of getting ridden when she's supposed to be eating and b) that she isn't being worked enough. Sadly until school gets out that's the way it's going to have to stay!

Anyways, we just did trot work today and she was tons and tons better than yesterday. She was much lighter on the bit and not wanting to zoom around as much. We did a few trot, halt, back, trot transitions, but barely had to do any circles. Much better. I worked on trying to give her a light and elastic contact with a slightly longer rein on the conditions that she not rush or get too heavy on the forehand. And for the most part she did great. I'm really trying to teach her to be better about listening to the bit - when I ask to slow down I use the lightest pressure possible then increase and as soon as she does slow down I immediately give to her so that she knows that's what I wanted.

The bad part of the ride came when I tried to do some two-point. Tried being the operative word. I haven't worked in two point, oh since at least a month ago? That's probably the last time we jumped... Very sad to say that it was painful and my position was awful - too far forward and I had to hold onto the mane to keep myself steady. I think I only managed to do about 3 minutes in each direction :( Jetta was not helpful by immediately rushing off once I sat up and trying to dive down when I took a hold of the reins to slow her down. Definitely something we need to do lots, lots, lots more of. I'm planning on trying to get a few minutes in each ride so that way come June, not only will we be ready for our jumping lessons but also - Inavale! I can't believe that it's less than two months away. I don't feel anywhere near ready at all.

In other news, since ML got me some bridle and saddle plates for Christmas, I decided I needed all my tack to be labeled. So I ordered some silver plates for my dressage tack (jump tack gets brass) and a little tag for my breastplate. I love it! Looks so fancy with everything all labeled :)


  1. Fancy indeed! It's funny, sometimes, I think when the others are eating and they are 'working' they try to RUSH RUSH RUSH through it all to get done and go eat. :)

  2. It takes practice!! I definitely went through a mane grabbing stage and some times I still start out the day that way, lol. Hang in there.