Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Visit

I decided to put off studying for my organic chemistry midterm (that's tomorrow) and go see Jazz today! Why do today, what can be put off till tomorrow, right?

I was super excited to go see my baby, I really miss her and I haven't seen her in what feels like forever. Of course MC sends me pictures every month, but it's not the same. I practically skipped all the way from class to my car when I was time to go.

MC doesn't live too far away, about 50 minutes but I don't mind driving. It has been a gorgeous week, like somebody flipped a switch and it's magically summer! Jazz was happily grazing when I got there. MC set up a temporary paddock on the lawn so it could get mown down a bit. I guess Jazzy ripped her flysheet last week so MC bought her a new one. I got a Cashel fly mask for her with the long nose in hopes that it would help keep the bugs off her muzzle. Poor baby is just about covered head to toe, but you can tell that she's much happier this way - no switching her tail, stamping her hooves or nipping at the flies.

I just ended up chatting with MC, grooming Jazz and stuffing her full of carrots. I bought a bag of carrots for Jazz and planned to give her a few then leave the rest with MC but ended up feeding the whole bag. Oops. Oh well, I only get to spoil her every so often! We planned out some possible trail rides together for the summer and I talked to her about possibly coming to a dressage show and competing in some western dressage classes. I think they'd kick some butt in those classes so hopefully she'll give it a try!

Jazz is pretty much all shed out and looking really nice. Hard to believe that she's 22 years old! She's not skinny in the slightest and has her typical hay belly for this time of year with all of the grass going on. MC had no complaints about her and plans on doing some trail competitions this summer so we talked about me coming to the competitions to help give her some pointers. I am definitely missing having Jazz right now since summer is when I'd have time to ride her, but at least I know she has a great home!

Some pics of Jazz from last summer

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